20+ LGBTQ+ Book Blogs To Follow!

I love reading through some of the best LGBTQ+ book websites. You can get so many amazing book recommendations and people actually give their honest reviews. I won’t lie, I love reading good book reviews more than negative ones and that’s why I don’t really share any book reviews if they aren’t more than a 3 star in my opinion.

Some of the blogs below are not ran by LGBTQ+ community members, they are amazing allies that have reviewed LGBTQ+ books and their recommendations are spot on. Who says we just have to stick to one genre, I don’t and I’m a flaming homo!

If you’re looking for the best and most popular LGBTQ+ blogs on the internet, you’ve come to the right place. I am bias, I follow quite a few and for various reasons so let me showcase them and you can see what you think.

20 LGBTQ+ Websites

Take a look at these gay book blogs. I’ve split them into sections taking into account genders etc.

Gay Book Blogs

These also include non-binary book blogs and bisexual book blogs.

  1. The Boy Who Cried Books! I love Joesph, he has an amazing queer book blog that delves into some amazing books and his reviews are amazing and totally on point! He also loves Buffy almost as much as me!
  2. The Avocado Diaries. The guys won awards for being so much of a book worm, his reviews are pretty good too. He reviews some books I’ve never even heard about before and I love it.
  3. The Creative Muggle. You’ve got to love a Harry Potter reference right? Stephy talks about so many amazing books, some LGBTQ+ and so many of genres. If you want more than just LGBTQ+ recommendations, follow The Creative Muggle.
  4. Fueled By Chapters. Aren’t we all, it’s normally, just one more chapter! This book blog is so smooth and easy to navigate you’ll find everything you need whether it’s an LGBTQ+ book or something else!
  5. Before We Go. Want an LGBTQ+ book recommendation that doesn’t just have a fluffy happy ending? Well, Before We Go have you covered! They review the weird and the wonderful and they’ve personally influenced me in getting some new books!
  6. The Queer Bookish. You won’t find loads of book recommendations but you’ll find so many amazing, informative articles to read so go and drop them a follow.
  7. Joyfully Jay. It’s about to get spicy! If you’re looking for naughty LGBTQ+ book recommendations then you have to take a look at all of the book reviews Jay has put out there! Enjoy.
  8. Spectrum Books. Technically not a blogger but still has blog posts and publishes some amazing books that take pride on my bookshelf so they should be celebrated and followed!
  9. Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Lover of poetry and hard hitting reviews? Follow the Local Bee Hunter’s Nook and discover so much more!
  10. Inkish Kingdoms. Inkish Kingdoms is the queen of lists! If you’re wondering what’s hot this year, take a look because they’ll have a post telling you just that! I love their 10 self published gay novels post and my wish list got packed out while reading it!
  11. JTHBooks. If you read my bookstagram accounts post you’ll know I love Jack and his account. He has a blog which is equally as great so check out his LGBTQ+ Book blog!
  12. LGBTQReads. Find some of the best LGBTQ+ book recommendations here! Thank me later.
  13. Literarylouis. Amazing LGBTQ+ book reviews. Really informative posts and if you’re looking for some great recommendations of accounts to follow, he has all the recommendations you could possibly need.
  14. Lee Wind. I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell do I Read? Best tagline ever! Take a look at Lee’s website and find something amazing!

Lesbian Book Blogs

These also include non-binary book blogs and bisexual book blogs.

  1. She Reads Romance Books. Want to know about everything romance in the literary world? Check out She Reads Romance Books and go through some of the lists she puts together, you’re bound to find your new favourite book!
  2. Lesbemums. Looking to know more about the LGBTQ+ book world? Lesbemums have some very informative posts that will explain everything for you.
  3. The Lesbian Review. If you’re looking for some amazing sapphic recommendations, take a look at The Lesbian Review website and you’ll find some books you’ve probably never heard of before!
  4. Jae-Fiction. If you’re looking for some romantic and some spicy sapphic book recommendations, take a look at the review Jae is writing and you’ll find the best books for you!
  5. Jill’s Book Blog. Amazing book reviews. The website funny and relatable and some of the posts are a hoot to read so give Jill a follow and show some support.
  6. The Lesbary. Looking for some of the most diverse sapphic recommendations on the internet? The Lesbary doesn’t stick to one trope, no they explore and you have to look at their amazing reviews.
  7. Little Miss Star. If you’re looking for LGBTQ+ Bookstagram ideas, she has you covered! She’s a book lover, her Instagram is amazing and she’s one to follow if you’re looking for ace inspiration! Also, her hair is AMAZING!
  8. Rainbow Reading Nook. Janet rules! She has some amazing sapphic book recommendations but she also have various book reviews and recommendations from all LGBTQ+ categories and doesn’t limit herself to just one trope or genre which is hard to find these days.

Are Book Blogs Popular?

Book blogs are still popular, but their popularity has declined in recent years. In 2012, there were over 1 million book blogs in existence. However, by 2022, that number had decreased to around 500,000.

There are a few reasons for this decline. First, the rise of social media has made it easier for people to share their thoughts on books without having to maintain a separate blog. Second, the publishing industry has become more centralised, with fewer independent publishers. This has made it more difficult for new book blogs to gain traction.

Despite the decline in popularity, there are still many great book blogs out there. These blogs offer a variety of features, including reviews, interviews, author spotlights, and book lists. They can be a great way to discover new books and connect with other book lovers.

Personally, I love reading through some book blogs. I also go to them to find information about new books, read through spoiler free reviews and find the best LGBTQ+ book shops near me. I know book blogs are dime a dozen but LGBTQ+ book blogs are more niche and I love reading through them!

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