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Best Places To Work Remotely In Manchester City Centre

If you’re like me working from home can be a right bore and it’s super easy to get distracted! I mean, after all, all your cool stuff is at home so why wouldn’t you want to use that instead? This is why I thought I’d start finding places to work in Manchester City Centre and enjoy working a little more.

I’ve been trying various places in Manchester City Centre where I can work, working in Manchester has been quite fun. I’ve been able to get out of the house, interact with people and try hot chocolate everywhere I go which I love, I mean is there anything better than hot chocolate? You might be a coffee person yourself but I can guarantee I love the places I’ve been.

I’m going to include some of my favourite places where I worked from in Manchester. I like to think of myself as a Manchester nomad, it’s a funny term but it suits me when I’m working in all these different cafes and shops. Take a look at the ones below and maybe find somewhere for your remote jobs in Manchester spot.

Best Places To Work Remotely In Manchester

If you’re looking to be a Manchester Nomad there are a few places that I’d recommend. It all depends on what you’re looking for. A cool and relaxed atmosphere. Something noisy and constantly busy or just somewhere you can stick your headphones in and ignore the rest of the world while you work.

Take a look at some of the best places to work remotely in Manchester below that are fully inclusive, have amazing drinks and foods to enjoy and what we thought about them. As every, I’ll also rate their hot chocolates and places that sell the best hot chocolates you can guarantee I’ve been to several times!

Social Refuge – Queerlit – 27 Great Ancoats St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 5AJ (££)

Looking for somewhere inclusive, where you can work and chill out to a mellow atmosphere? Social refuge is the place to be. An LGBTQIA+ cafe, bar, work space and social setting where you can get amazing food and drinks and if you fancy it, you can go book shopping. It’s one of our favourite places to go and we’ve been several times.

They have a rewards card that you can get stamped everytime you have a hot drink and when you get enough stamps you’ll be able to get a free hot drink which I love, who doesn’t love a reward card? There’s a large area downstairs for groups which is much more social. They have tables in the main area upstairs where it’s a lot more mellow and if you’re looking to work, that’s the place to do it. You’ll find a laptop at most of the tables with someone working on it.

Now let’s talk hot chocolate. They have loads of syrups. I’ve had a vanilla, oat milk hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows which was amazing and also a yellow banana, oat milk hot chocolate with vegan cream and chocolate drizzle and they were both amazing and £4.60 a piece which is the mid range price for Manchester. They also offer cold and hot foods along with brownies, cakes and whatever else they have to offer on the day.

Social Refuge is well worth the visit if you’re a queer Manchester nomad and it’s one of the best LGBTQ+ cafes in Manchester for sure.

Cocoa-Cobanana -7 Murray St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6HS (£££)

Cocoa-Cobanana is a little out of the way cafe in Manchester which doubles as a chocolatiers and some amazing brownies. It’s a great place for working remotely in Manchester. They have WIFI which is great as the signal isn’t the best and I couldn’t use my phone or Mac without getting on the WIFI.

The atmosphere is nice and calm, there’s room to work and it’s dog friendly which is a nice thing to see, they even have the wall of woof which have pictures of dogs that have visited in the past. One thing I found odd, their mugs don’t have handles and my hands got very sticky, not in a good way!

Their prices are on the high end, the milkshake with whipped cream and marshmallows was £6 which is one of the more expensive hot chocolates we’ve had but it did look amazing. Their brownies are £5 each which I’d recommend although the cakes weren’t covered when we visited so we passed on them. The brownies are to die for though!!

Cocoa-Cobanana is well worth a visit although due to location we might not be back. Always ask for a napkin when ordering as they don’t have them on the tables. The staff are nice and polite though and you can order from the table so if you’re in work mode you don’t have to stand up and disrupt the flow.

Black Milk Cereal – 88 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LF (££)

We really like Black Milk Cereal in Manchester if we’re looking to do some work while enjoying something sweet. Their creations are amazing and you’ll leave feeling full up and hopefully happy with the work you’ve achieved that day.

The only issue we have with this Manchester cafe is the fact that it doesn’t open until midday, most people start work early so it’s not the best of times but if you want to move to somewhere else during the day, Black Milk Cereal is the way to go. It’s not that far from the Market Street tram stop either.

Their prices are pretty decent compared to other cafes we’ve tried and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get full up. They have booths and singular tables and plug points to hook up to, they also have wifi and a decent signal so you can either use that or your hotspot without any issues.

If you’re looking for places to work at in Manchester, we suggest giving Black Milk Cereal a try for sure. They also have fun events from time to time so keep an eye out for that on their Instagram!

Cafes To Work From Manchester

If you’re looking for the best cafes to work from in Manchester then we have all the suggestions you’ll ever need. If you decided that the article was TLDR you can always take a look at this Co-working Spaces In Manchester City Centre For Nomads article or take a look at our top 5 list below.

(Can we link the five below to their places in this page or not? Maybe I should do full write ups on the place, what do you thinks?)

  1. Social Refuge Cafe
  2. Black Milk Cereal
  3. Cocoa-Cabana Cafe

If you agree with our top 5 of the best cafes in Manchester City Centre, let us know. Working in Manchester can be so much fun and even more so when you’ve found the right place to work in. The life of a digital nomad doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you’re a Manchester Nomad!

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