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We are Louis and Matt and we started Two Gay Dudes as a place to discuss everything LGBTQIA+ and document our experiences with travelling the world, life and everything else in between. This site may change as things develop, however, we will let you know if there are any changes or updates


Writer | Avid Reader | Brains of the Operation

Louis loves writing, (he is also in charge of finances), as he will make everything happen for all our trips and adventures.

He was outed when he was 11, has been proud ever since and is a little bit of a queen.

Louis is always looking for our next adventure, will it be local, Europe or further afield? Well, you will just have to wait and see.

In his spare time, Louis will either be reading or writing a to-do list, but most of all, he will singing.

Fun Fact: Louis has a degree and master’s in media and communications, however, he hates the 9-5.


Tech & Admin | Driver | Cheif Decision Maker

Matt is a proper geek, he does all of the cool technical stuff and admin of our websites, we have 5 websites on the go at the moment, all in different niches.

Matt came out later in life, he was 30 when he told his family.

In his spare time, Matt will be making Lego, being creative, cooking or if it’s the weekend, most probably napping.

Fun Fact: When Matt was younger, he made music videos for X Factor finalists.

My Favourite Disney Character: Stitch

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Two Gay Dudes has become a trusted voice in the LGBTQIA+ Community, as we speak about travel, adventures, advice and more to help provide knowledge and information to all members of the community and allies.

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