Coworking Spaces In Manchester City Centre For Nomads
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Coworking Spaces In Manchester City Centre For Nomads

If you’re looking for the best places to work in Manchester we have some of the best coworking spaces in Manchester that you’re bound to love. Take a look at the extensive list below for suggestions that are both functional and inclusive.

Coworking Spaces In Manchester City Centre

Take a look at the list below for places to work from home in Manchester.

Social Refuge – 27 Great Ancoats St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 5AJ (££)

About: Social Refuge is one half of Queerlit which used to be an independent queer book store. The new premises now holds Social Refuge a cute cafe and social area which works as a coworking space and a book shop where you can browse amazing LGBTQ+ literature.
What’s Sold: You can buy books in the library along with drinks and food at the bar. They offer a range of drink options and foods such as sandwiches, cakes, brownies and more.
Price range: The price is mid range for Manchester. Due to it being an independent space the prices are fairly standard. With a hot chocolate costing £4.60.
Inclusivity: The space is very inclusive. Anyone can come and work here or just drop by and chill out and possibly buy or read books!
Atmosphere: The atmosphere is chill, the music is mellow and helps inspire warmth and concentration for people who work in the area.
Working Location: There are tables upstairs where most people work whereas the downstairs area is more of a social area for groups and there are even board games.
Toilet: The toilet is located downstairs towards the back furthest away from the stairs.
Accessibility: There is a ramp to enter the cafe, there is plenty of room to get about and there’s a lift the access the book store and downstairs. The Social Refuge and Queerlit accessibility is some of the best In Manchester.

Cocoa-Cobana Cafe – 7 Murray St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6HS (£££)

About: Cocoa-Cobana cafe is a little cafe and chocolatiers hidden out of the way in Ancoats. It’s a small walk (10-15 minutes) from the Market Street tram stop.
What’s Sold: You can buy meals, hot and cold drinks, chocolates and fresh made brownies etc. You have to try their brownies!
Price range: The price range is on the higher end of the cafes we’ve been to. The hot chocolates with alternative milk, marshmallows and whipped cream cost us £6 which is one of the more expensive hot chocolates we’ve tried.
Inclusivity: Anyone can come and work here or just drop by and chill out with a nice drink. That being said there are no signs for LGBTQ+ or ethnic groups on display.
Atmosphere: The atmosphere is chill, the music is calm and the cafe is set up in a nice, open way.
Working Location: There are tables and booths. However, the majority of tables are in a row so you might be sat close to someone which isn’t the best for zoom calls.
Toilet: Two cubicles, one which is a “normal” toilet and another which is a disabled cubical which is spacious and very accessible.
Accessibility: There is a ramp to get into the cafe, there are also some right sized tables for wheelchair users.

Black Milk Cereal – 88 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LF (££)

About: Black Milk Cereal is a nice little dessert cafe in Manchester City Centre that serves some amazing, sweet treats and doubles as a great place for professionals to work in Manchester while enjoying something sweet.
What’s Sold: You can buy desserts, waffles and a variety of drinks such as hot chocolates, coffee and milkshakes from Black Milk Cereal.
Price range: Black Milk Cereal is mid priced, their portions are huge and their drinks are delicious and compared to other similar cafes, they’re fairly cheap.
Inclusivity: There are LGBTQ+ signs at the venue and anyone is welcomes. The staff are lovely and very police.
Atmosphere: They don’t play calming music but the atmosphere is chilled, relaxed and a great place to get some work or writing done.
Working Location: There are individual tables and booths for groups or just if you want more space. They have plug points, it’s a quiet area with good signal and they have customer WIFI.
Toilet: They do have a toilet but it’s not easily accessible for wheelchair users and they do not have a disabled toilet in the cafe.
Accessibility: There is room in the main cafe area to move around and for wheelchair users although it might be a tight squeeze.

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