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Disney Springs Orlando – Everything You Need To Know About Orlando Disney Springs

So Disney Springs isn’t a theme park but it’s still a lot of fun to visit. There are shops to spend your money in; some are Disney and some aren’t. They also have some fantastic attractions to take part in and some great restaurants, one, in particular, we loved going to for a birthday meal!

If you’re looking to unwind, eat some great food and do some shopping then Disney Springs is the place to go, if you want to stay within Disney that is.

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Does Disney Springs Have Free Parking?

You might be wondering, how much is Disney Springs parking? Thankfully, unlike the parks the parking at Disney Springs is free. You can park there without having to pay as you’ll no doubt be spending more than enough money once you get out of the car.

We would advise you to either go earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon as parking can get pretty full during the day so you might have to spend some time looking for a parking space. Still, one of the main attractions for Disney Springs is the free parking as most places in the United States in terms of theme parks have a heafty parking fee.

Does Disney Springs Cost Money?

Only if you want to spend it. The Parking at Disney Springs is free. Unlike the other Disney parks, you don’t have to pay to enter Disney Springs either. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to visit at Disney Springs where you can easily spend your money, in case it’s burning a hole in your pocket or anything.

Does Disney Springs Have Metal Detectors?

Yes. Disney Springs have metal detectors as you enter the park. Along with the metal detectors, there is Disney Security, making sure that you only bring in what you’re allowed and to keep everyone safe.

Does Disney Springs have good security?

Disney Springs does have security. They have metal detectors and bag searches as you go into the park. They’re that more thorough that Matt got pulled at security for having a glasses case in his bag and his whole bag was searched.

Disney Springs security guards are also present throughout Disney Springs and will ensure everything is safe and nothing bad will happen. The security is less than at the Disney parks but it’s still a noticed presence.

What Is At Disney Springs?

Disney Springs has a lot to offer. One of our favourite places at Disney Springs is the huge Lego Store with plenty of photo opportunities. If you wanted to go to all the shops Disney Springs has to offer I would suggest spending the day there and booking a restaurant so you can have dinner there, Planet Hollywood would be our recommendation.

What Shops Are At Disney Springs?

Disney Springs shopping is one thing that attracts people. There are around 100 shops in total at Disney Springs, which includes some very nice restaurants. Disney are always developing Disney Springs as well so you can expect it to get bigger over the coming years.

Some of the shops at Disney Springs include The Lego Store, The Art of Disney, the Coca-Cola Store, Dino-Store at T-REX™, Disney Candy Cauldron, Disney’s Pin Traders, Fabletics and so much more.

To see all of the shops Disney has to offer, take a look at the Disney Springs website, they will also update you as to what shops may be shut, when we visited we were unable to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs as it was shut.

World of Disney stitch storefront at disney springs

What Restaurants Are At Disney Springs?

Disney Springs restaurants are vast. They have 60+ restaurants and places to eat at when you visit Disney Springs, we didn’t try them all of course but we had a favourite, Planet Hollywood. It isn’t the cheapest but it’s the most popular, which means you’ll have to book a table.

Dining places at Disney Springs include Planet Hollywood, Amorette’s Patisserie, D-Luxe Burger, Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe and so many more places.

When we go back we can’t wait to try the Everglazed donuts! They look so tasty, probably overpriced but we’ll have to see if they’re any better than the naff doughnuts you get in the Disney parks! Take a look at the Disney Springs dining page for more suggestions.

The Best Disney Springs Shops

If you’re looking for the best shops at Disney Springs we’d recommend going to the Coco-cola store, M&M World (take a picture with the yellow M&M if you can) and if you’re in the mood for food, get to Planet Hollywood.

The Lego Stoe Disney Springs is also great to visit, unless you have no restraint or have children with you as you’ll end up spending a fortune!

Must Do At Disney Springs

If you’re visiting Disney Springs you might be a little overwhelmed, which is fine because there is a lot there! We have a list of things you MUST do when you visit Disney Springs so make sure you jot them down and it’ll help you navigate your day a lot easier.

  1. Visit Stitch – There is a massive Stitch at the Disney Store, if you walk under it you may get a little wet, check it out and do some shopping while you’re there.
  2. Coca-Cola Polar Bear – If you visit the Coca-Cola store you’ll be able to get a photo with the Coca-Cola bear, ask a member of staff when his next photo opportunity is. Make sure you take photos on your phone or you’ll have to pay for the professional one.
  3. Visit the Lego Store – the Lego Store is enormous, they have all the Lego you could want and they have Lego characters inside and outside the store so you can get some great photos! The staff are also super friendly.

Is Disney Springs Worth It?

Yes, Disney Springs is worth it. We really enjoyed our time at Disney Springs and we both think it’s worth a visit that’s for sure. We had to visit in order to get our Magic Wristbands as well so we didn’t have a choice, we’re glad as we had a great meal out at Planet Hollywood thanks to it.

There are no memory maker passes at the park and you have to pay $25 per person if you want to ride the hot air balloon but other than that it’s a nice Disney day out for the whole family. It doesn’t get as busy as the Disney parks either so you can enjoy yourself a little more.

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