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Disney World Epcot – Everything You Need To Know About EPCOT

EPCOT, the Disney Park for adults, or at least that’s what two members of staff told us when we visited Magic Kingdom. EPCOT easily made its way into our top three Disney parks that’s for sure. If you’re here to look for help and information in regards to EPCOT, you came to the right place.

If you are wondering, why is EPCOT written in capitals, well that is because EPCOT is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Disney World EPCOT Park Information

Disney World is full of amazing parks and EPCOT is officially our second favourite park, not quite beating Disney World Hollywood Studios. One of the things I love about EPCOT were the rides.

Are EPCOT rides okay for big people? YES! EPCOT is the only theme park that we tried in the whole of Orlando that had no issue with seat sizes on the rides, granted the amount of rides were limited but they were still fun! It doesn’t matter what size you are, you should fit.

Disney World EPCOT Address In Orlando Florida

All of the Disney parks are apart from each other, some have transport so you can get to the others but not all do. You can easily get the monorail from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT which will take you around 15 minutes in total if it’s not busy.

Below you’ll find the address for EPCOT parking. If you’re thinking, is EPCOT part of Disney World, it is but all parks are a few miles from each other so our advice would be to do a park a day and to park at the said park’s parking area.

How much is parking at EPCOT?

Parking prices vary. On a normal weekday, preferred is £45, Standard is £25, and oversized veichles are £30. So it pays to go on a weekday when you’re paying less if you want preferred that is.

Disney World parks charge more on weekends and national holidays where preferred parking is £50 instead and the rest stay the same price.

Disney World EPCOT Hours

Walt Disney World EPCOT hours may vary, this is depending on the day you attend and if there are any special events taking place or if it’s a national holiday. I find it’s always best to ask what times EPCOT is open when you pay for your parking and that way you’ll know for sure.

EPCOT Disney opening hours are normally 9am-9pm daily. As I mentioned though, check with the parking attendant when you arrive as you don’t want to leave early and miss out on some fun.

Walt Disney World EPCOT Fireworks

EPCOT has an amazing fireworks display every night, The EPCOT fireworks time is normally starting at 9pm although they can change depending on factors such as national holidays, weather conditions etc.

EPCOT forever fireworks are not to be missed out on. They aren’t going to be on forever and you may soon find they have stopped them so if you get a chance to watch them, do so!

So if you’re asking the question, does Disney World EPCOT have fireworks; yes it does.

If you’re looking to propose at Disney World, this might be a good location to do just that.

Is Disney Getting Rid Of EPCOT?

No, Disney has no plans of getting rid of EPCOT anytime soon. It’s one of their favourite parks amongst adults and some of the staff we got chatting with and they have no plans to get rid.

What is EPCOT Disney World you may ask? Well EPCOT is all about looking to the future, educating people and helping people live better lives in all walks of life. Why would they want to get rid of that?

Is Disney Getting Rid Of The EPCOT Ball?

Never, definitely not. Disney is not getting rid of the EPCOT ball. The ball is one of their main focal points in the park and a much loved photo opportunity, they even have a memory maker photographer there to ensure you have the best photos when you leave! I loved ours and I encourage anyone visiting to get a picture there as well!

What To Do At Disney World EPCOT?

So much! I loved EPCOT, it was bursting with various cultures (even if the Mars Bars were $3.75 each, which is terrible as you can get a pack of four for £1!) and EPCOT has so many fascinating rides to go on and characters to meet, one of which we queued up for an hour just to meet as one of us was a huge fan!

Let’s talk about what to do at EPCOT in a little more detail and hopefully, it’ll help you plan out your time at EPCOT so that you don’t miss anything. The only thing I will say before I start, is don’t buy English food in the United Kingdom area, total rip off, sorry not sorry Disney!

Does Disney World EPCOT Have Rides

Yes, Disney World EPCOT does have rides. They might not be the thrill rides that you get at other parks but they are fascinating and a total eye opener to go on. The wait time for EPCOT rides are also a lot less, you’re looking at 20/30 minutes and not 70/80 minutes like you do in other parks.

We loved so many of the rides so let’s take a look at our top 3 Walt Disney World EPCOT Rides and what we thoughts about them.

  1. Frozen Ever After
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Living with The Land

I’d love to know what your favourite rides were at EPCOT and if you agree with the rides we listed!

Disney World EPCOT Meet and Greet

Meeting Disney World characters had to be one of our favourite things to do, we met some amazing EPCOT characters when we were there and have some amazing photos to show for it.

If you’re wondering what Disney characters are at EPCOT, loads. Take a look at our little list below to see which ones were our favourite, where to find them and the best time to see them!

  • Mulan. She was so polite and made everyone feel at ease.

Where to meet Mulan at EPCOT? – China.
Best times to see Mulan at EPCOT – 1pm – 3pm.
Is there a memory maker photographer for Mulan at EPCOT – Yes

  • Goofy. Goofy was super funny and had us both laughing in seconds.

Where to meet Goofy at EPCOT? – Near the entrance of EPCOT
Best time to see Goofy at EPCOT – 2pm (it’s quiet around this time)
Is there a memory maker photographer for Goofy? – Yes

A little side note about Goofy, you’ll have Mini Mouse about 100 feet away so you can get a photo with her as well, there will be a wait but she’s worth it.

  • Anna & Elsa. Inside, fantastic setup but it’s well worth the 30-minute wait.

Where to meet Anna & Else in EPCOT? – Norway
Best times to see Anna & Else at EPCOT? – 3pm
Is there a memory maker photographer for Anna & Elsa? – Yes

Mulan had to be our favourite, when I showed her my leg that has the original signature from Ming-Na Wen on it she made it even more magical and insisted on getting a photo like this. If you want to meet the best princess from Disney, head over to the China area in EPCOT and meet Mulan!

What Countries Are In EPCOT Disney World

One of the things we love about EPCOT is how diverse it is. In other parks it’s pretty standard, you have areas that hold all different attractions but in EPCOT, it focuses on the world as a whole and how we’re all connected.

  1. Mexico
  2. Norway
  3. China
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. United States
  7. Japan
  8. Morocco
  9. France
  10. United Kingdom
  11. Canada

We would suggest visiting Norway, Japan and China the most but it depends on what you’re looking for so always plan ahead.

Is Disney Genie+ Worth It For EPCOT?

No. We both felt that Genie+ wasn’t worth the money for EPCOT. In fact, we didn’t think that Genie+ was worth it for any of the Disney World parks as you couldn’t use it on all rides and on some rides you had to pay up to $30 to enter the lightning lane even with a Genie+.

If you have the money to burn, go for it. If you’re looking to slowly look around, have fun and not blow your budget in one day; don’t get Genie+ for EPCOT.

Disney World EPCOT Snacks

EPCOT snacks were amazing, a little expensive but we tried a few and thought the money was justified on some of the EPCOT food that we tried. We’ve written a post about the snacks but let’s talk about our favourite snack at EPCOT.

Picture of the turtle brownie from Epcot Disney World Florida

The EPCOT Turtle Brownie was to die for. A little overpriced, the EPCOT Turtle Brownie cost $4.79 (Prices may increase or decrease) so we decided to share one. The Turtle Brownie at Disney World was packed full of chocolatey goodness. It’s topped with caramel, pecans, chocolate chips and frosting. If you need a sugar rush, get the Disney Turtle Brownie!

The Best and Worst Snacks at Disney World

Disney World EPCOT Tickets and Prices

We got a package deal on our tickets, however, you can buy tickets on the day (subject to park availability, so get there early!) and you can buy them in advance for single parks if you wish. The price is forever going up with park tickets so try and find a good deal online.

We got our tickets from attractiontickets.com they were the cheapest at the time and gave us the best deal. Our package included a two day pass each at Universale Stduios, which we didn’t really use, memory maker (used LOADS!), access to all the parks and some cute magic wristbands (Star Wars Themed). In total the tickets cost us £1687.20 in total, for two people.

Is Disney World Memory Maker Worth It For EPCOT?

Yes. Memory Maker is totally worth it for EPCOT. There are so many photo opportunities at EPCOT and Disney has made sure you get photos across the whole park, which isn’t something that can be said for Animal Kingdom!

If you have the chance to get Disney Memory Maker in your tickets package, get it.

Disney EPCOT To Do List

I thought I’d round this post up by letting everyone know the things they should do at EPCOT. It’s a great park, it’s a park where you can take your time, look around and learn new things while still having fun.

EPCOT for adults is true, I thought people were joking but this is totally the Disney Park for grown-ups!

  1. Try a Turtle Brownie from EPCOT
  2. Meet Mulan (She is the best!!)
  3. Have your photo taken in front of the EPCOT ball

Disney World EPCOT Help Guide

I hope you found this post helpful, if there’s anything you think I’ve missed, then let us know and one of us will try and include it although we aren’t in the habit of adding things we haven’t personally done as we don’t like to make things up for the views.

EPCOT is all about having fun, taking your time and admiring nature and all its beauty so if you’re not into space and flowers, maybe give it a miss. If you’re thinking about checking out any of the other parks, click a link below and find all the information you need!

Everything You Need To Know About EPCOT Pin

Everything You Need To Know About Epcot

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