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Disney World Magic Kingdom – Everything You Need To Know About Magic Kingdom

During our trip to Disney World Magic Kingdom was the one we wanted to visit the most. It’s the one that everyone talks about and says you have to do, so of course we made sure we did it and tried every ride that we could and even had some of the “famous” snacks people talk about!

There is a lot to know when it comes to Magic Kingdom and you’ll need a whole day to get around it all, that’s if you want to do everything that is. This post should have all the Magic Kingdom information you need but if anything is missing, let us know!

Disney World Magic Kingdom

Disney World is huge, it’s made up of four main parks which are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. There are other areas at Disney World but they’re the main four that most people want to visit when they’re in Orlando.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Address In Orlando Florida

Disney World Magic Kingdom is mostly accessible via car, you will have to pay for parking ($25 standard & $45 preferred). When putting the address into your sat nav make sure you put the address for the parking area or you might find yourself rather lost.

The Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom parking lot is huge, it can easily fit thousands of cars so don’t worry if you arrive a little late in the day, there will be parking for you. Don’t get so worried about parking that you end up paying more for the preferred when there really isn’t much difference apart from your distance to the park.

Don’t forget to note what row you’re parked in and which Disney character that’s associated with, as you can see from the picture below. You can also add your parking details onto the Disney app which will help you locate your car when you leave. (we lost our car once out of the 5 visits and that was the first time!

There is a land train from the car park to the front gates and back, so you won’t need to worry about walking or getting lost.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Hours

Walt Disney Magic Kingdom is open from 9am – 10pm. There is a rush to get out of the park most nights and this is due to the Magic Kingdom fireworks display. If you want to avoid the rush, I would suggest stopping by the restrooms and browsing in some shops before you leave the park.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Fireworks

The fireworks are amazing! They are normally due to happen at 9pm most nights, this can change, however. The time we watched them they started at 9:20pm. There are different firework displays if it happens to be a national holiday such as Halloween.

Our advice would be if you’re looking for the Disney World Magic Kingdom firework times, get there no later than 8:40pm. Even if they don’t start till 9:20pm like ours did, you want to make sure you get a decent spot to watch them!

If you’re looking to propose at Disney World, this might be a good location to do just that.

Disney Magic Kingdom Fireworks Behind Magic Kingdom Castle

Disney World Magic Kingdom For Adults

I’m pretty sure that Walt himself wasn’t a baby when he created Disney right? I know a lot of people think that Disney should be for the children but I also think the people who say that have little joy in their life and I feel bad for them.

Disney World Magic Kingdom caters for everyone. There are rides with height limits, which is great because it’s essentially an adults only ride! Some of the rides might be themed for younger children but you’ll find most are probably intended for adults, such as Space Mountain, Tron and The Seven Dwarves Ride.

Disney World Magic Kingdom for toddlers is also fine. They have the teacups, and circus areas and the Disney characters are there to meet, although anyone can meet them so don’t go feeling out of place.

Conclusion; Disney World Magic Kingdom is for everyone!

What To Do At Disney World Magic Kingdom?

You might be thinking, yes there happens to be a castle and people in costumes but what else is there to do at Magic Kingdom. We had never been to Disney before so we thought the exact same thing. Of course, that also meant we wanted to try as much as possible with our limited time there.

Take a look at some of these Disney World Magic Kingdom Rides and Attractions and get some inspiration for when you visit next.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Best Rides

Now it would take all day to list all of the rides and what we thought about them. I’m sure people won’t even want to read that much either. Instead here are the top 5 rides at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom and who they are best suited for.

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. All ages, short thrill ride.
  2. The Barnstormer. All ages, very short thrill ride.
  3. Space Mountain. Height limit in place, in the dark and very thrilling!
  4. Haunted Mansion. Slow ride, for all ages and fun. Not too spooky either.
  5. The Laughing Floor. Monsters Inc. it’s funny, interactive and great for all.

If you’re going as adults, I would totally suggest missing “It’s A Small World”. It’s creepy and we felt like we wasted 10 minutes of our life. However, if you have children then you should take them on it.

Big thunder mountain railroad Disney ride

Disney World Magic Kingdom Rides For Infants

There are quite a few rides in the park so you want to make sure you’re picking the right ones before spending sometimes hours in the queue for one to be told you can’t ride. Some rides have height requirements so make sure you check before entering the queue. Here are some good Disney Magic Kingdom rides for children.

  • The Laughing Floor
  • Frontierland train
  • “It’s a small world”
  • Under the Sea – Journey of the little mermaid.
  • Dumbo the flying elephant

Disney World Magic Kingdom Meet and Greet

There are loads of characters at Disney World Magic Kingdom and they are all super nice. You have to make sure you know when they are making guest appearances though because times can vary depending on demand, if any special events are taking place and when the parade is scheduled for.

We met quite a few characters when we visited. With our memory maker photo pass, we made sure to get as many photos as we could so that we had the memories to look back on. Take a look at our top three Disney World Magic Kingdom meet and greets below.

  1. Winnie the Pooh & Tigger.
  2. Ariel.
  3. Buzz Lightyear.

Keep in mind that there will be queues to see these characters and they have to take breaks as they get hot and will need to rest for 5-10 minutes. Factor in the wait time with your plan of the day if you want to ensure you do Disney World Magic Kingdom in one day.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Parade

The Disney Magic Kingdom Parade is on twice daily, once at 12pm and the next at 3pm.

Times for the parade can change so always check the app or ask a staff member at the park to double check.

Is Disney Magic Kingdom Genie+ Worth It?


Genie+ works as the fast pass used to work, although it actually gives you less. You can’t use your Genie+ with Tron and select other rides (which are always changing so there’s no point to list them) and the rides you can’t use them on will normally cost you between $10-$20 each to enter the lightning lane.

Furthermore, you have to buy a new Genie+ pass for each park you enter, you can’t use one pass for all parks. How much is the Disney Genie+ pass? $22, at the moment however not long ago it was $20 so that is creeping up in price.

Personally, we both felt that the pass wasn’t worth it and we’d rather spend money on Magic Kingdom snacks.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Food

We tried several snacks throughout the parks, some happened to be really nice whereas others we really didn’t like. However, when it comes to Magic Kingdom there wasn’t anything sticking out that we wanted to try.

The Best and Worst Snacks at Disney World

Disney World Magic Kingdom Tickets and Prices

We got our tickets online and they came with a two day pass each for Universal Studios which was a total bargain. They also came with the memory maker feature which meant we could have Disney photographers take our photos throughout all the parks and they looked amazing.

We got our tickets from they were the cheapest at the time and gave us the best deal. Our package included a two day pass each at Universal Stduios, memory maker, access to all the parks and some cute magic wristbands. In total, it cost us £1687.20 but don’t just go where we tell you to, shop around first!

There is another site we would advise you to use to get tickets for Disney and other Orlando attractions and that is AttractionTix.

Is Disney World Memory Maker Worth It?

If you’re wondering how much is Disney memory maker, it’s currently $199 per person, not cheap. I would recommend getting memory maker as part of your ticket package, but it’s probably not worth it on its own. It might be nice to have if it’s your first time visiting the park.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Must Do List

So to wrap this up I thought we’d make a list of the top three things to do at Disney World Magic Kingdom so that you don’t miss out on the amazing fun that can be had. It’s not all about thrill rides and eating every snack in the park.

  1. Take a photo in front of the castle
  2. Watch the amazing fireworks & parade
  3. Visit your favourite character

Disney World Magic Kingdom Help Guide

I hope you found this Disney Magic Kingdom guide helpful. I tried to fill it with as much information as humanly possible but if I forgot to add anything, ask and I’ll do my best to help!

We hope you have an amazing time at Disney World and let us know if you found this post helpful. Don’t forget to check out our other helpful Disney Park Guides.

Everything You Need To Know About Magic Kingdom!!

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