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Foodhallen Amsterdam – Why You Should Visit

We’ve been to Amsterdam a few times now, we even had our honeymoon in Amsterdam along with a Christmas and New Year, that’s how amazing it is. There are some must visit places in Amsterdam and the foodhallen is one of them.

We love trying out new places when we travel and restaurants are always on our list. When we read about Foodhallen Amsterdam, we knew we had to visit and try some of its fantastic food. Trust us, the food was fantastic.

Foodhallen De Hallen Amsterdam

Every time we visit Amsterdam we end up in the Foodhallen Amsterdam and end up eating way too much food. If you’re within a mile then you can have a nice little walk, or you can get the tram or a taxi there, that being said make sure you know about the Amsterdam scams so you don’t get charged a lot.

Foodhallen Amsterdam West is one of the biggest Amsterdam food halls that I’m aware of. It’s packed full of mini restaurants from all food groups and types. If you want a kebab, you’ll find it, if you want frozen yoghurt, they have it. It doesn’t matter if you want breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert because they have something for everyone.

Is Amsterdam Foodhallen Vegan?

There are stalls which sell vegan food at Amsterdam Foodhallen although not all of the restaurants are vegan based.

How To Get To Foodhallen Amsterdam

If you’re wondering where is foodhallen Amsterdam then look no further. The Foodhallen West is really easy to get to. If you’re getting a taxi there then the driver will know exactly where to go, you can also find it easily on your sat nav.

Amsterdam Foodhallen Hours

Below are the current times the Food hall Amsterdam is open. If you’re planning to visit, make sure there aren’t any special events on or national holidays as that may affect opening hours. They do say that they’re open 364 days a year, except Christmas Day.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Opening Hours;

Tuesday12 pm–12 am
Wednesday12 pm–12 am
Thursday12 pm–12 am
Friday12 pm–1 am
Saturday12 pm–1 am
Sunday12 pm–12 am
Monday12 pm–12 am

Is There Parking At Foodhallen Amsterdam?

Yes, there is parking at Foodhallen West. There is a charge, Right beneath ‘De Hallen’ is where the paid parking lot is situated.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Review

So in this Foodhallen review, I want to talk about several things. What food you can get there, we can both be very picky with the food we want so it’s great to have a variety to pick from. How much the food is going to cost, with the cost of living crisis affecting everyone globally, we all want great food at lower prices.

I’ll also talk about the seating at Foodhallen, how big it is and if it’s a nice place to hang out with friends or family. I know personally, if I want to try somewhere new I want to know everything about it so I’m not unprepared for when we arrive. Of course, there is more information on the Foodhallen Amsterdam West website but we’re giving you the facts.

Foodhallen is becoming one of the most popular Amsterdam eateries year after year, a great place for tourists. You also know it’s great when most of the locals go there as well.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Prices

Foodhallen prices have increased over the last few years but that’s the normal routine with everywhere you go and eat these days. Thankfully, the prices for food at Foodhallen West are standard and the same as most restaurants, which means you’re not getting charged a premium just for the location.

If you do any Amsterdam food tours you’ll probably end up here, don’t go with the first thing your tour guide shows you because there is so much more to pick from and you might be getting told to buy the most expensive piece of food there.

Foodhallen Amsterdam What To Eat

Now you might be wanting to know what to eat in the Foodhallen Amsterdam but I’m afraid it’s not that straightforward. There are so many restaurants there that it might be hard to pick just one place or one dish. We’ve listed the restaurants that they have which should help you pick and we’ll let you know our favourites!

De BallenBar – Homemade bitterballen (Dutch meatballs)
VietView – Vietnamese street food
Dim Sum Thing – Cantonese dumplings
Jabugo – Spanish deli featuring Iberico ham
Basque barra de Pintxos – Tapas-style skewered snacks from the Basque country
Bulls and Dogs – Gourmet hot dogs – We have tried these (very nice!)
The Butcher – The Amsterdam gourmet burger bar has a stall at Foodhallen
Shirkhan – Mumbai street food grilled or cooked – We have tried these (Great wraps!)
Maza – Mediterranean food such as hummus and mezze plates
Meneer Temaki – Freshly prepared Japanese sushi
Le Big Fish – Seafood bar
The Rough Kitchen – Slow cooked pork dishes
Entrecôte Mobile – Steak sandwiches
Renato’s – Italian pizza stall
Fento – Mexican inspired dishes. These are vegan friendly and gluten-free options

The Best Food At Foodhallen Amsterdam

Foodhallen Amsterdam best food is a tough one to answer. You’ll be defined by your own personal taste, thankfully Foodhallen West has something for everyone so you won’t go hungry.

Of course, we sampled some of the food at Foodhallen. We suggest getting a chicken tikka wrap from Shirkhan who is known for Mumbai Street food, you can watch them make it and they taste amazing.

If you’re looking for something sweet, check out some of the brownies from Petit Gâteau. They are both affordable and delicious.

Foodhallen chicken wrap
Foodhallen desserts

Does De Hallen Food Hall Amsterdam Take Cash?

Does Foodhallen take cash? No. Amsterdam is a very forward thinking country and due to that a lot of establishments in Amsterdam and every Foodhallen restaurant does not accept cash. If you visit, Foodhallen is card payment only.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Gluten Free Food?

There are great gluten-free foods in de Foodhallen Amsterdam, if you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant you should find something you want to eat.

That being said, there isn’t a huge variety and you are limited to certain food groups or stalls, some stalls don’t stock much of their gluten-free products either so you might walk away a little disappointed and possibly hungry.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Menu

There is no Foodhallen Amsterdam menu. Due to there being a variety of restaurants and with these restaurants changing their menus it isn’t possible to offer an overall menu. Although you can get in touch with individual restaurants online to ask them about their menus and what they have to offer at Foodhallen.

Can You Take Dogs To Foodhallen Amsterdam?

Yes, you can take dogs to Foodhallen provided they are on a leash and not aggressive towards people or other animals.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Seating

If you’re wondering if there’s enough seating at Foodhallen West, there is. They have various seating options, normal tables, bar tables etc. There is also plenty of room to get about if you’re in a wheelchair. Foodhallen Amsterdam disability access is great and they have large disabled toilets at Foodhallen.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Tour

If you’re looking to visit the De Hallen food hall Amsterdam then you might want to know what’s there. We took a short walk around video of the venue, it is a little shaky so apologies, it was before gimbels were a thing, we hope to go back soon and take another video for our audience!

This was taken in 2018, the venue hasn’t changed much since but due to current world affairs we were unable to go back and take an update, hopefully now the world is going back to the way it should we’ll be bringing out a new video soon!

Amsterdam Hidden Gems

De Foodhallen has to be one of the best Amsterdam secret locations around. Whenever we visit we notice there are a lot of locals and never that many tourists which we find so shocking. This place deserves a lot more recognition than it gets and most of the food there is amazing.

Let us know if you’ve visited Foodhallen Amsterdam West before and what your favourite thing on offer was, we can’t wait to go back and get a wrap, they were just so good!

Foodhallen Amsterdam - Why You Should Visit

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