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How Much Money For Disney World 2023

We spent two weeks in Florida and had two week tickets to Disney World we ended up going around the various parks and we had a blast. However, you’ll be wanting to know how much money you need to take for Disney World and great ways to save money at Disney World because trust us, it’s not cheap.

If you’re looking to go to Disney World the amount of money you need to take will depend on a few factors. I will go over everything you might need to consider and how we either saved money or how much we spent on that particular thing.

How Much As Disney World Tickets?

To start off with you’re going to want to know how much money you have to spend on Disney World tickets. Always shop around. We got our tickets from Attraction Tickets after looking about online and we got a great deal as the tickets also included 2 days at Universal Studios and the memory maker package.

You can also get tickets from the Disney Website or Attraction Tix. It always pays to shop around and look for the best deals. The best deals might not always be the cheapest depending on if you can find a decent package or not.

How Much Cash To Take To Disney World

Although it says cash, we would suggest taking most of your money on card. If you’re looking to eat in the various restaurants in the Disney Parks then you should take cash so you can leave a tip, you can leave a tip on the card but we always prefer using cash for our tips.

How Much Money Do I Need To Bring To Disney World

Things to consider when planning how much money you need for Disney World Snacks. How many people are in your party.

  • How many people are going? We went as a couple although if there are more of you, you will need to spend more money or buy less.
  • How many times you’ll visit. If you’re going to spend two days at Disney World you’re bound to spend less, if you spend longer you’ll want to spend more.
  • What you want. If you’re looking to just buy snacks, budget for snacks. If you want to do more, budget for that.

How To Save Money On Food At Disney World

If you want to save money on food at Disney World you should take your own food and drinks. You are able to take your own food and drinks into Disney as long as there’s no alcohol. We did this and it saved a lot of money.

Food, Snacks and Drinks

There are laods of various restaurants in the Disney parks that you might want to visit, there are also a lot of snacks that you can enjoy and drinks you can expierence. However, if you’re going to be doing all of this you’ll need to take enough money to Disney World with you.

In total we spent $68.32 on snacks and drinks at Disney World.

If you’re looking to buy a lot of snacks when you visit and try some cool drinks then we’d suggest budgeting $100 as a couple to spend on food which doesn’t include the restaurants which are a lot more expensive.

How Much Are Disney World Restaurants?

We didn’t dine in any of the Disney World restaurants as we have loads of restaurants that we wanted to try outside of Disney World and we had bookings to attend. However, there are loads of amazing restaurants at the Disney World parks but they aren’t cheap.

Some of the most famous restaurants at Disney World include The Boathouse (Disney Springs), Tiffins Restaurant (Animal Kingdom) and Cinderella’s Royal Table (Magic Kingdom). However, if you’re looking to eat at the Disney restaurants we would suggest you budget $150 as a couple which would include a 10% tip.

How Much Does It Cost To Get To Disney World?

If you’re not staying at the Disney World park like we didn’t then you’ll have to factor these costs into your spending money.

We went with a car hire which meant we had to pay for parking which was $25 per day, in total costing us $150 which isn’t cheap. You can also get a taxi/Uber to the park or public transport. If you hire a car you also have to factor in costs for gas and tolls.

Depending on the mode of transport would give you your costs. If you stay in a Disney World Hotel then transport is free as it’s part of your package. If you use taxis/Lyft/Uber then you’ll also have to factor in a 10% minimum tip.

How Much Money Should I Take To Disney World For Souvenirs

That depends on what you want to buy. We didn’t do much shopping in the Disney World parks and in total we only spent $159 and we didn’t buy that much. Take a look below at what we ended up buying.

  • Disney Shirt – $60
  • Disney Marvel Pride Bag – $65
  • Disney Pin Badges – $26
  • Lego – $8

If you’re looking to buy stuff at the Disney World parks we would suggest taking $200-$400 as a couple. Not everyone is going to need that much but it’s good to budget in case you find some bits you love. Take a look at the post below if you’re looking for cheap genuine Disney souvenirs in Florida.

Other Disney World Purchases

There are other things that you can spend your money on when you go to Disney World which will mean if you’re wondering how much does it cost to go to Disney world per day the amount can easily increase.

Disney Genie+: You can spend $30 for one day of Disney Genie+ if you want to skip some queues. Keep in mind that each Disney Genie+ pass only works at one park and not on all rides.

Disney Mobility Scooters: You can rent mobility scooters and wheelchairs while you’re at the park which average on $50 per day although can be more expensive on weekends or major holidays.

Tipping: Keep in mind that if you eat at restaurants, get transport around the parks or maybe you’re just buying a bottle of water. There will be times when it is expected that you leave a minimum of a 10% tip.

How Much Money To Take To Disney World For 2 Weeks

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when deciding how much money is needed for Disney World.

Make sure you have a plan in place, a budget and that you buy your own snacks and drinks which will save you a fortune.

If you’re visiting Disney World for two weeks we would suggest taking $500 as a couple as long as you’re not eating at the parks.

Disney World Money Breakdown

  • Food, Snacks and Drinks – $100
  • Restaurants (if going) – $500
  • Travel/Parking – $200
  • Souviners – $200
  • Other – $100
  • Total: $600
  • Total (including restaurants): $1,100
How Much Money For Disney World

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