20+ LGBTQ+ Bookstagrammers To Follow!

I love Bookstagram, I use it way too much and most of the time I forget to post anything on my own page. Bookstagram is a great place to find like minded book lovers and to get new recommendations, I mean we all still have room on our TBR shelf right? Who doesn’t love buying new books?

If your Bookstagram feed is a little stale or you want to find some new content to enjoy when you’re scrolling every night, I have the best bookstagrammers for you! Take a look at these 20+ queer bookstagrammers and maybe follow someone new.

I will say again that these Bookstagram accounts are accounts that I follow and I love to see content from. They might not have the most views, followers or posts over other people but I want them on the list. If you think there should be someone on the list, let me know in the comments and I’ll take a look!

LGBTQ+ Bookstagram Accounts

  1. Colesbooknook. Colesbooknook has to be one of my favourite trans bookstagram accounts. Their posts always look so fun, and informative and I just want to double tap all of them. They have their own book, Coming Home – Sawyer Cole Hobson which you have to read and you should give them a follow.
  2. Slaughter_books. I’ve been following this account since the start, Jonny uploads some amazing photos of amazing books, and I especially loved his Date Me Bryson Keller post. Give this Australian Bookstagrammer a follow.
  3. Casebounder. The main thing I love about Casey is that he doesn’t go on about the amount of books he’s read, he sets realistic book goals that everyone can follow, I don’t know about you but it takes me forever to read a book. I love his photos and his honest reviews as well, refreshing.
  4. libraryofaviking. You have to follow this hot Viking. His pictures are amazing, his videos are just as good and he posts regularly so you’re never without any content. He has his own blog: The Library of a Viking which I love to see. If you like fantasy and Sci-Fi, give him a follow.
  5. caseythereader. She has a cat called Donut! I followed instantly. Her photos are always fun, bright and informative. Casey has some amazing recommendations and I’ve purchased quite a few books thanks to her. If you’re looking for a fun Bookstagrammer, follow her.
  6. itsabookishworld_. I love this account, who doesn’t love an emotional bookstagram account? When I read a book, I end up crying and it’s great to see another account who lets their emotions out when reviewing books. Every picture has a smile and this has to be one of the happiest Bookstagrammer accounts to follow, go follow.
  7. maaathy_. I love this Disney bookstagrammer account from Mathy. His photos are always fun, he has some amazing LGBTQ+ book recommendations and I love how there’s normally an element of Disney in his photos. If you’re an LGBTQ+ Disney fan, follow this bookstagram account.
  8. simonsbookstagram. I love Simons bookstagram account. You can tell he loves reading and his LGBTQ+ recommendations are spot on. If you want great books and honest reviews, his Instagram book account is one to follow.
  1. lukesbookss. Luke has one of the most pristine and clean looking Bookstagram accounts I’ve come across. His pictures are always great, he has some amazing LGBTQ+ book recommendations and he’s a must follow if you’re looking for new LGBTQ+ bookstagram accounts to follow.
  2. olivurr.reads. This has to be one of my favourite UK LGBTQ+ Bookstagram accounts. All of his photos are different and yet they just work and give you everything you need and want from a bookstagrammer.
  3. brocksgaybookshelf. Looking for some cute photos that recommend some of the best LGBTQ+ books out there? Follow Brock.
  4. Literarylouis. Well of course I had to add my own. If you’re not following me already, you should!
  5. pierrereads. If you’re looking for great LGBTQ+ book recs and even better spicy LGBTQ+ Book recommendations, go and follow Pierre, you won’t regret it.
  6. trans_cending_literature. Grayson is another trans bokstagram account that I love. We disagree on some star ratings for books but I love all of their content and I want more.
  7. kaispellmeier. Great content, amazing photos and super book recommendations. If you’re thirsty for more books, follow Kai.
  8. jjslitbloggings. We love a bookstagram account which gives amazing LGBTQ+ book recommendations and actively shows their support for all community members. Follow JJ for great books and motivation in all walks of life.
  1. harryandhisbooks. Harry is a proper book worm, his pictures are amazing and he has great book recommendations. I’m always double tapping his content and you should go follow him.
  2. justforqueerbooks. How Dilly makes his photos look so pretty is beyond my comprehension. He’s shared books I’ve never heard of and have ended up buying, go follow him for more.
  3. bookmearead. I love this account, I’ve seen it grow and he has the same name as me. His content is always so informative and I love it. Go follow Louis to see his content.
  4. jthbooks. Jack rules and so does his content. He has great bookstagram worthy pictures but I love watching his stories, he keeps it real and we need more of that.

Now I’m pretty sure all of the accounts are LGBTQ+ bookstagrammers although I haven’t asked them personally to confirm. They have shared some amazing LGBTQ+ recommendations though so that’s how they made this list. If you know anyone that you think should be on this list, let me know and I might have to make it longer.

Other Bookstagram Accounts

  • booky_weirdo. Okay so I’m not 100% sure if this amazing specimen of a human being is part of the LGBTQ+ community but I don’t care. I love the unapologetic approach this bookstagram account has and I feel everyone can do with a little weird in their life.
  • aileen.reads. I mean wow. Who doesn’t love mini books, if I had the patience, I’d make my own. Aileen makes mini book replicas of the books she’s read and they look fantastic. I love the detail put into this art and if you’re a fan, follow her Bookstagram account.
  • hana_bob_. If you get triggered about people ripping up books, maybe don’t follow this account. This bookstagram account features this wonderful woman ripping up books and replacing there covers with works of art. I’m always fascinated with the art work and am always looking out for the next post. Give her a follow if you want to see books transformed.

If you found this LGBTQ+ Bookstagram list helpful, let me know. If you have any questions about Bookstagram that you want answered you can either look at my Ultimate Bookstagram Guide or leave me a comment and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

20+ LGBTQ+ Bookstagrammers To Follow!

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