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Manchester Slattery Chocolate Challenge

Heard about the Slattery chocolate challenge in Manchester? Well, we attempted it and can give our honest opinion on the chocolate challenge and how we felt about it. Did we complete it? Read to find out.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you will have to book a few weeks in advance as they get that busy! It’s a great day out and they also do other food on their menu both hot and cold. You don’t have to try the challenge either as they have various dessert options.

We would love to know if you’ve tried the Slattery Chocolate Challenge and what you thought about it. We saw others that completed it and others who didn’t while we were there and it was amazing to see something so fun that people can get stuck into. Plus you get a few looks when the challenge comes out with a giant sparkler on it!

Outside of Slattery Manchester

What Is Slattery Manchester?

Slattery Manchester, officially known as Slattery Patissier and Chocolatier, is a renowned family-run patisserie and chocolatier located in Whitefield, Manchester. Established in 1967, Slattery has built a reputation for its high-quality baked goods, chocolates, and dining experiences. Here are some key aspects of what Slattery Manchester offers:

Products and Services:

  1. Bakery and Patisserie:
    • Slattery is known for its wide range of pastries, cakes, and baked goods, all crafted with premium ingredients and attention to detail.
  2. Chocolates:
    • The chocolatier offers an extensive selection of handmade chocolates, truffles, and chocolate gifts, perfect for any occasion.
  3. Café and Dining:
    • Slattery features a café where visitors can enjoy a variety of meals, including breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. The café is also famous for its indulgent hot chocolate and desserts.
  4. Specialty Items:
    • They offer custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. Each cake is tailored to the customer’s specifications, ensuring a unique and memorable centrepiece for any celebration.
  5. Chocolate Shop:
    • The shop is stocked with an array of chocolates, confectioneries, and related gift items, making it a great destination for chocolate lovers.
  6. Chocolate Challenge:
    • The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is a popular attraction, where participants attempt to finish a massive serving of chocolatey treats within a set time limit to earn a place on the “Wall of Fame.”
  7. Classes and Workshops:
    • Slattery also offers baking and chocolate-making classes, providing hands-on experiences for those interested in learning the craft from skilled professionals.

Is Slattery Manchester Expensive?

Slattery Manchester, known for its high-quality patisserie and chocolatier offerings, is considered a premium destination. We did think that some of the bits at Slattery were on the expensive side, but that was mainly in their gift shop and we found the food prices to be average for the area. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

General Pricing Overview:

  1. Bakery and Patisserie:
    • Individual pastries and baked goods are priced higher than average, reflecting their quality and craftsmanship. Expect to pay more for specialty items like custom cakes.
  2. Chocolates:
    • Handmade chocolates and truffles are also priced at a premium. Gift boxes and specialty items can be more expensive than mass-produced chocolates.
  3. Café and Dining:
    • The café menu, including breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, is moderately to expensively priced, aligning with the high-quality ingredients and unique offerings.
  4. Specialty Cakes:
    • Custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other events can be quite expensive due to the personalised design and detailed craftsmanship involved.
  5. Chocolate Challenge:
    • The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is reasonably priced around £20, considering the quantity and quality of the treats included.

Value for Money:

  • Quality: The high prices are justified by the premium quality of ingredients, the skilful preparation, and the unique experience offered.
  • Experience: Dining at Slattery or participating in their events like the Chocolate Challenge is often seen as a special treat or experience, which adds to the perceived value.

Customer Perception:

  • Positive Reviews: Many customers feel that the price is worth it for the quality and experience they receive.
  • Occasional Visits: Due to the higher prices, many people visit Slattery for special occasions rather than as a regular dining or shopping spot.

While Slattery Manchester is more expensive than average bakeries or chocolate shops, the premium pricing reflects the exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and unique experiences offered. For those seeking high-quality patisserie, handmade chocolates, and a memorable dining experience, Slattery Manchester is worth the investment.

Slattery Manchester chocolate challenge

What Is The Slattery Chocolate Challenge

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is a popular and indulgent eating contest offered by Slattery, a renowned patissiere and chocolatier located in Whitefield, Manchester, UK. The challenge is famous among chocolate enthusiasts for its sheer volume and richness of chocolate treats. Here’s an overview of what the challenge typically involves:

Overview of the Challenge

  1. The Chocolate Plate:
    • Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake: A large slice of Slattery’s signature chocolate cake.
    • Chocolate Dipping Pot: A pot filled with melted chocolate for dipping.
    • Hot Chocolate Drink: A rich, creamy hot chocolate to complement the plate.
    • Fresh Cream and Ice Cream: Accompanying scoops to balance the chocolate intensity.
    • Decorations and Toppings: Additional chocolates, chocolate curls, and sometimes fruit for garnish.
  2. Rules and Time Limit:
    • Finish All Items: Participants must consume everything on the plate, including the hot chocolate drink, within a set time limit (typically around 30 minutes).
    • No Leaving the Table: Participants must remain seated at the table for the duration of the challenge.
    • No Assistance: The challenge must be completed without any help from others.

Rewards and Recognition

  • Completion Certificate: Those who successfully complete the challenge receive a certificate of achievement.
  • Hall of Fame: Successful participants often have their photo taken and displayed in the café or on social media.
  • Bragging Rights: Completing the Slattery Chocolate Challenge is a point of pride and a fun experience to share.
  • Box Of Chocolates: You will get a small box of chocolates for completing this Slattery Chocolate Challenge, that’s if you still want more chocolate that is!

Tips for Participants

  • Pace Yourself: The sheer volume of chocolate can be overwhelming, so it’s important to eat at a steady pace.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking water can help manage the richness and sweetness.
  • Don’t Skip Meals: Eating a balanced meal before the challenge can help avoid sudden sugar highs and lows.

Popularity and Appeal

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge has gained popularity due to its fun and indulgent nature, attracting both locals and tourists who love chocolate and are up for a challenge. It’s a unique experience that combines the love of chocolate with a competitive twist, making it a memorable activity for those who visit Slattery’s.

Slattery Chocolate Challenge Location

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge takes place at:

Slattery Patissier and Chocolatier 197 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6GE, United Kingdom

Slattery is a renowned patisserie and chocolatier located in Whitefield, a suburb of Manchester. It’s a popular destination for chocolate lovers and those looking to take on the famous chocolate eating challenge. The patisserie offers a wide range of indulgent treats and provides a cozy atmosphere for enjoying their delicious creations.

Is The Slattery Chocolate Challenge Nice?

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is widely regarded as a fun and indulgent experience, especially for chocolate enthusiasts. Here are some aspects that contribute to its appeal:

Why the Slattery Chocolate Challenge is Considered Nice:

  1. High-Quality Chocolate:
    • Slattery is known for its exceptional quality of chocolate and confections. Participants get to enjoy premium, rich, and delicious chocolate in various forms.
  2. Unique Experience:
    • The challenge offers a unique and memorable experience that goes beyond just eating. It’s an event that combines fun, competition, and indulgence.
  3. Variety of Chocolate Treats:
    • The challenge includes a variety of chocolate items, such as a triple-layer chocolate fudge cake, a pot of melted chocolate, a rich hot chocolate drink, fresh cream, and ice cream. This variety adds to the enjoyment and prevents monotony.
  4. Atmosphere:
    • Slattery Patisserie and Chocolatier provides a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience. The café is known for its friendly staff and pleasant environment.
  5. Sense of Achievement:
    • Successfully completing the challenge within the time limit provides a sense of accomplishment. Participants often receive a certificate and have their photo displayed, adding to the excitement and recognition.
  6. Social Media Appeal:
    • The challenge is a great opportunity for social media content. Participants often share their experiences and achievements, making it a popular activity among food bloggers and influencers.


  1. Richness and Sweetness:
    • The challenge is very rich and sweet, which can be overwhelming for some people. It’s important to be prepared for a high intake of sugar and chocolate.
  2. Not for Everyone:
    • While many find it enjoyable, the challenge might not be suitable for those with dietary restrictions, certain health conditions, or those who are not particularly fond of chocolate.
  3. Portion Size:
    • The portions are large and can be quite filling. It’s a good idea to approach the challenge with a healthy appetite.

Customer Reviews:

  • Many participants have shared positive reviews, highlighting the delicious taste and the fun nature of the challenge.
  • Some reviews mention the difficulty due to the sheer amount of chocolate, but this is often seen as part of the fun.

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is generally seen as a delightful and enjoyable experience for those who love chocolate and are looking for a fun culinary adventure. It’s an opportunity to indulge in high-quality chocolate treats while taking on a playful and rewarding challenge.

Personally, we really enjoyed taking part in the challenge although we didn’t finish it for a few reasons. We found the ice cream to be a little bitter so every time we had a bit we had to have a drink which filled us up. The melted chocolate can also stick your mouth together which makes you drink more.

A side note is that the hot chocolate came out 5 minutes before the actual chocolate challenge so this was really unhelpful. Like most challenges the establishment doesn’t want you to be able to complete and although you might think this challenge looks easy, it’s not.

Slattery Chocolate Challenge Calories

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is known for its indulgent and rich offerings, and the calorie content reflects that. Here’s a rough estimate of the calories based on the typical components of the challenge:

  1. Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake:
    • Approximately 1,200-1,500 calories per large slice
  2. Chocolate Dipping Pot:
    • Approximately 400-600 calories
  3. Hot Chocolate Drink:
    • Approximately 300-400 calories
  4. Fresh Cream and Ice Cream:
    • Approximately 300-500 calories
  5. Additional Chocolates and Decorations:
    • Approximately 200-300 calories

Estimated Total Calories:

  • The total calorie count for the Slattery Chocolate Challenge can range from approximately 2,400 to 3,300 calories. Which is of course more than your daily calorie recommendations but as long as you’re not trying the challenge daily you should be fine.


  • High Caloric Intake: The challenge is very high in calories, primarily from sugars and fats, which makes it an occasional indulgence rather than a regular dietary choice.
  • Nutritional Impact: It’s essential to be aware of the high caloric and sugar content, especially for individuals with dietary restrictions, diabetes, or other health conditions.
  • Balance: If you plan to take on the challenge, it’s advisable to balance it with healthier meals and physical activity before and after the challenge.

Enjoying the Challenge:

  • Moderation: Consider sharing the challenge with a friend or family member to reduce individual caloric intake.
  • Preparation: Have a light, balanced meal earlier in the day and stay hydrated.
  • Aftercare: Post-challenge, opt for light and nutritious meals to balance the indulgence.

The Slattery Chocolate Challenge is meant to be a fun and unique experience, so enjoying it mindfully can enhance the experience while keeping health in check.

Slattery Chocolate Challenge Price

The price for the Slattery Chocolate Challenge is £20. However, prices can vary, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information directly with Slattery Patissiere and Chocolatier. You can contact them through their website or by visiting their café in Whitefield, Manchester. Our visit cost us £20 for the challenge.

Contact Information:

Slattery Patissier and Chocolatier

Enjoy your chocolate adventure!

Slattery Chocolate Challenge Time Limit

There is no time limit on completing the chocolate challenge. However, if you can beat the challenge sooner then you’ll be the hero of the hour!

Slattery Chocolate Challenge Winners

You can find a board with the Slattery chocolate challenge winners on within the shop. They also update the Slattery social media accounts with photos of winners on a regular basis so make sure you go and check them out.

Did We Manage The Slattery Chocolate Challenge?

We did not. We gave it a good go but in the end there were elements of the challenge they we did not like so we did not want to eat it (this was mainly the ice cream). We decided that we would eat what we could and take the chocolate cake home and enjoy that later on after dinner which was a great idea.

If you’re going to try the Slattery chocolate, don’t eat beforehand like we did which could have been our downfall! Should we try it again? Let us know!

Slattery Manchester Gift Shop

Slattery Manchester’s gift shop is a treasure trove for chocolate lovers and those seeking unique, high-quality gifts. Here’s what you can expect from the Slattery Manchester Gift Shop:


  1. Handmade Chocolates:
    • An extensive selection of handmade chocolates, including truffles, pralines, and chocolate bars. These are crafted with premium ingredients and come in a variety of flavours.
  2. Gift Boxes and Hampers:
    • Beautifully packaged gift boxes and hampers filled with an assortment of chocolates, confectioneries, and other treats. These make perfect gifts for special occasions.
  3. Specialty Items:
    • Unique chocolate creations such as chocolate shoes, tools, and other novelty items that showcase the chocolatier’s craftsmanship.
  4. Seasonal and Holiday Products:
    • Seasonal treats and holiday-themed items, including Easter eggs, Christmas chocolates, and Valentine’s Day gifts, are available during relevant times of the year.
  5. Customisable Gifts:
    • Options to customise certain gifts with personal messages or specific selections of chocolates, making your gift even more special.
  6. Cakes and Patisserie:
    • A selection of smaller cakes and patisserie items that can be purchased for immediate enjoyment or special occasions.
  7. Chocolate Challenge Packs:
    • For those who want to try the famous Slattery Chocolate Challenge at home, gift packs are available containing all the necessary components.

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