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Megabus Review – All The Megabus Information You Need

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So I’ve travelled on the Megabus a couple of times now and I have a few things to say. I’ve travelled during the summer and winter and I can tell you there’s a big difference right now! I can even confirm that I am now writing this blog post while sitting on a Megabus on the 7th of December 2022!

I get the Megabus Manchester Airport coach station as it’s super easy for me to get to on the Manchester Airport tram. I have to say that when it comes to Megabus prices, they beat the train hands down. Although there are various benefits to taking the train over the Megabus. That being said I’ve never seen a Megabus strike so that says something.

Please use the handy table of contents below to find the Megabus information you need faster so that you don’t have to read through everything. I understand this is a beast of an article and you won’t want to read it all but it would seem there is a lot of Megabus information to write about in a Megabus review article.

I would also like to point out that the Megabus customer service is shocking. I found it very difficult to get in touch with anyone and had to wait up to several days on some occasions. When I made a formal complaint about one of the trips I was told that there was nothing they would do and that was that. This was the trip when the toilets were disgusting, someone was smoking weed, and the bus staff didn’t care when told, the heating was not working and it was delayed by an hour. So keep that in mind when making your Megabus booking.

Megabus Information

So when it comes to the Megabus there is one BIG thing I would like to say. If you’re getting a Megabus in the summer then you’ll find that the bus is a nice warm temperature and you’ll feel really comfortable. However, if you get the Megabus in the winter you’ll be cold. I would take a blanket with you if you’re a person who gets cold, maybe a little blanket or throw to keep you warm.

Megabus Reservation Information

If you reserved a seat on a Megabus you’ll probably find someone sitting in it, unless you get on at the first stop. On all occasions of me getting on the Megabus, I’ve had to ask people if they could move because they are in my seats. So be prepared to ask someone to move. If you don’t have a Megabus reservation then you’ll find quite a few seats at the back of the coach.

Megabus Destinations

There are stops all over the UK that you’ll be able to get to on the Megabus. That being said, you’ll find that Megabus destinations mostly go to bigger destinations. Whenever I go home I have to get the Megabus to either Bournemouth or Southampton and then get a train to Weymouth so keep in mind that you might have to get a train after your Megabus. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding your Megabus destination though.

One thing I will say about the Mega bus destinations is to check them out first on google. I found that at the Shudehill Manchester bus station, you had to pay to use the toilets, which I didn’t think was a thing anymore. They didn’t even take card payments. I also found that at the Megabus Manchester Airport station the heating doesn’t work in the waiting area and it was freezing.

Megabus Tickets

When it comes to your Mega bus tickets, you’ll find them all on the Megabus website. The Megabus website is super easy to use so you won’t have any problems there. Megabus booking can get sold out really fast, especially around Christmas time so if you’re looking to place a Megabus reservation, book in advance!

You’ll have all your Megabus ticket information sent to you via email so you have it all at hand on your phone. You can always print the tickets out if you want but I wouldn’t, it’s a waste of paper and you might just lose it, whereas most people don’t lose their phone. Is there a Megabus app? Well, there is in the USA but I’ve not seen one in the UK so if anyone knows of one, let me know.

If you’re booking Megabus tickets, get them through Topcashback and you’ll be able to make money when you book. The tickets are super cheap, cheap Megabus tickets are great and they are 100% cheaper than the always increasing train prices. If you’re looking for a cheap travel method, Megabus is the way to go.

There will also be Megabus discounts throughout the year so make sure you check their website to see if there are any before you book. So if you’re wondering, is Megabus cheap, yes it is.

Megabus Toilets

If you’ve seen me you’ll know I’m not a tiny guy. The Megabus toilets however are very small. It’s a challenge just to get in the door and I’m sure anyone watching me probably laughs internally at my failure. You can go to the toilet anytime during the journey although I would suggest waiting until you stop somewhere because if you’re a guy, it’s really difficult to pee while standing up on a moving coach. That’s probably the one benefit I can see, other than heating, for a train.

Mainly a tip for the women, if you’re going to be using a Megabus toilet, take toilet roll. I’ve been on Megabus trips where there wasn’t any toilet roll for the whole journey so since my first journey, I always take my own.

Megabus Coach

The Megabus coach is spacious enough, I always book two seats. I know that sounds like I’m doing a selfish thing but hear me out. I get major anxiety when I travel so it’s nice to book two seats and not have some random person next to me that could set off a panic attack. I’d also say that when it comes to Megabus prices, two seats with reservations one way, normally around £35 which is a quarter of a train price, what’s not to like!

Depending on your driver, depends on how your Megabus coach journey will go. I’ve had drivers that are amazing, I felt really safe and they were really polite. I’ve also had various Megabus coach journeys where I felt like I could possibly die and the driver has almost gone into the back of someone. That’s why Megabus seatbelts are there for use if you want to.

I will also say I’ve had people ask, are the Megabus chairs comfortable, they are to a certain extent. If you’re on the coach for more than a couple of hours they will start to hurt so I would suggest standing up and walking a little when you do stop, sometimes you’ll be able to get off of the coach for 10 minutes when you get to a Megabus destination and the driver should let you know so take that opportunity if you need to.

Megabus Security

This is one thing that really needs improving. On one of the Megabus journeys that I took someone STUNK of weed, it filled the entire coach and it was disgusting. I know everyone is entitled to do what they want, but to do this on a closed coach isn’t suitable, especially with children around. The coach driver or coach helper who loads the bags etc. said nothing and that’s why Megabus security is pretty much non-existent.

How To Take The Megabus

There are various tips that I’d give you if you’re wanting to take a Megabus or already have one booked. Make sure you check the Megabus website to see if there is a Megabus delayed issue. You can put your ticket number in to track it or just use the location you’re being picked up from and where you’re going. The Megabus delay that I had today was 22 minutes, and the Megabus Manchester Airport stop was COLD!

Megabus Luggage Allowance

If you’re worried about your Megabus baggage weight, don’t be. I’ve used the Megabus a number of times now, once my case was almost empty and another time it was close to 30kg. I have never once had my bag checked for weight. I also find that when I make my Megabus reservation I’m booking two seats so technically I’m allowed 40kg per the Megabus rules.

If you are worried about the Megabus luggage allowance, I’d just recommend using some handy holiday scales and making sure that you’re within the Megabus weight limit and then you shouldn’t have any issues. If you are taking luggage with you, make sure you wrap anything breakable as the bags can be thrown around a little.

Megabus WiFi

I’ve seen a lot of questions around this, does a Megabus have WiFi? Is the Megabus WIFI good? Well, I have good and bad news for you on that one. The Megabus WiFi does exist. That being said it’s not always easy to get on the Megabus WiFi, sometimes I’ve been unable to and I’ve had to use my phone hotspot to use my Mac. Other times I’ve used the Megabus WIFI and had no trouble at all. I guess it all depends on the Megabus coach you have.

Getting A Megabus

My tip is always to arrive 15 minutes early. You’ll find that most of the time there is a Megabus delay that you’ll have to deal with and that’s the way it goes. If you take a train, most of the time there’s no delay but with the Megabus, there are bound to be some delays due to traffic. That’s another reason why you should research your Megabus stop beforehand.

Megabus Changes

I will also say that you need to check your emails on the run up to your Megabus journey. Sometimes they change the Megabus pick up point due to building works or short staff etc. so if you miss that information, you might miss your Megabus coach. I had this happen in Southampton once where the new stop was around the corner, so even if I was stood at the original stop I wouldn’t have seen the Megabus coach to know it had changed.

How To Make Your Megabus Journey Easier

The Megabus journey can be long and that’s okay because you’ve saved money. I have a few tips that you can use to pass the time and I feel they work really well for me. I always book two seats which means I can put my bag on the other seat, rest my mac on it and then do some work. It’s taking me almost an hour to write this post and I’ve not even noticed the time fly by.

Another tip that I have would be to take some wireless headphones so that you can listen to music. Megabus plug sockets do exist so you can charge your devices when you’re on the go. You can even use big headphones that will also keep your ears warm in the winter. I always take at least two books with me as well because if you read, you’ll know you can get lost for hours in a good book.

I would also suggest taking some food, I have a nifty little Harry Potter lunch box that I take my food in, it lasts me the journey and I’m happy with it. Also take a water bottle, full of course. You won’t be stopping at service stations and you won’t be able to buy anything on the coach like you would on a train.

Always take a portable power bank with you. I experienced a 6 and a half hour journey on a Megabus with no Megabus chargers as they didn’t work. This was the whole coach and not just one of two, I got told there was a fault and it was being fixed, but not at any time soon though!

My Megabus Review

So there’s my Megabus review. I can’t say that it’s a great one overall. There are issues that Megabus have to sort out, like a cold Megabus coach, no Megabus security and terrible Megabus WIFI at times. However, it is a cheaper alternative and if you don’t mind it taking a little longer than a train and probably kicking someone out of your reserved seat once you get on board, you’ll find it’s not that bad.

The Megabus customer service is terrible I will say, I have emailed them, and tweeted them and normally it takes days to get a response and if your query is urgent you’ve got no hope. Let me know if you found this Megabus review helpful and if there are any other questions that I didn’t answer, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get back to you.

Remember, always go through TopCashBack when you’re booking your Megabus coach so that you can make some money from your ticket. The cashback amount will change but the way I look at it, every little helps. I hope you have a very pleasant Megabus journey soon.

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