Mr Jones Book Review

Mr Jones by Alex Woolf is not something I’d normally pick up in the local book store or even glance at while browsing Amazon. Due to a recent book tour, however, I had to chance to dive into this exciting thriller I’d never have thought about giving a chance before and boy was it worth it!

Alex Woolf writes with such penmanship that each descriptive sentence had me visualising the scene before me as if I was living it myself. The attention to detail cannot be questioned in this gripping novel and I will fight anyone who says otherwise! Alex builds the characters up, gives them their own unique story and uses his magical skills to bring them to life through the finest details possible

With each page I was on the edge of my seat, sometimes falling off the sofa because I wanted, no I needed to know what happened and I found it difficult sleeping until I’d finished the entire book. It’s safe to say I loved it. I loved it so much I was hating individual characters in the story like Ben’s mother!

You’ll see on here I gave Mr Jones a solid 4 stars, I stand by that. I think it’s a masterpiece in its own right but there were times when I wanted to skip the finer details and get right to the action. The problem with adding loads of detail, it can be a little repetitive. It wasn’t so bad that I wanted to stop reading but I’m a very OCD person and I could pick up on them.

It’s a thriller, in my opinion, a very scary, very thought out thriller to scare your socks off! I lent it to my mum who will probably love it as much as I do which is always nice! If you’ve read a book, see if someone else might enjoy it. Just make sure you get it back unless you’re donating it that is.

If you’ve read Mr Jones let me know what you think about it and if you’d recommend it to people to read. I’d suggest reading this book on a long journey. I’m flying to Florida soon and I would have loved to of been able to read this on the plane.

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