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So I’m a massive fan of Date Me Bryson Keller by Kevin Van Whye so of course, I’m going to want to read Nate Plus One, it just makes sense right? I won’t lie, I’m a slow reader so it did take me over a week to read, if I read faster and had more time I can imagine me finishing this in a couple of days.

I’ve started posting reviews on all the books I read, not just the ones I love. I want to be brutally honest so that people know what they’re getting into before they read the book. There will be a spoilers section at the end when I talk about the ending a little so I will highlight that.

However, if you’ve already read this book I’d love to know what you thought about it in the comments, did you love it or hate it? Did you agree with me or think I’m talking rubbish? Let me know!

Nate Plus One Review

As I said, I couldn’t wait to read this book. I loved other work from Kevin Van Whye and I’m glad although I had some issues with this book, it didn’t disappoint. I loved Nate Plus One, it’s a fast-paced read and if you’re fast at reading you’ll be through it in mere days. The romance was a little slow burn at the start and the whole book was packed with drama, start to finish.

One thing Kevin Van Whye does really well is the description of the finer details and culture. It was great learning more about South Africa that I would never have known and if anyone ever calls me “Moffie” they’ll be getting a slap! Detail and culture are something that continues throughout the book and not just at random intervals or once like other books tends to do.

Thankfully, this is something that Kevin does in both of his amazing books. I can’t say how much I love Date Me Bryson Keller and culture is also woven throughout that as well. I can’t honestly wait to see what Kevin does next and I hope it’s better than Nate Plus One and on par, if not better than Date Me Bryson Keller!

Nate Plus One Character’s (light spoilers)

Nate – so obviously I loved Nate. It was great to see the trauma he went through. I loved his personality and his quirks. I feel the stage fright could have been worked out a little more though as it was slightly swept over, he went straight to band practice and was fine. I loved the way he discovered his heritage but my god I wish he’d had punched his ex after that kiss.

Jay – I liked Jay, I really did. Kevin made him sound HOT! He drives a cool van, what’s not to like right? I found him a little problematic though. I understand he was burnt before but why not walk up to the ex and punch him as well? He could have fought harder and the fact that he kinda ruined the ending for me sucked.

Cry Factor – Is Nate Plus One Sad? ***

So this is the cry factor section. I’m a very emotional person and that means you’ll find me crying at least once with almost every book that I’ve read. I even cried working on one of mine the other day! When it comes to the book Nate Plus One I did cry, only the one though, when Nate had a run in with someone who wasn’t very nice, I’ll only say that so I don’t spoil too much.

Nate Plus One Book Review Spoilers

Yes, there are spoilers so if you don’t want to know what happens in areas, turn back now!

I hated the ending, well maybe hate is a strong word but I really didn’t like it. I love books that have a nice ending, something that’s wrapped up and answers all your questions. Especially when it looks like there won’t be another book after to explain said questions. I can’t be the only one that thinks a sucky ending ruins a book right?

There was a heavy focus on winning the band competition throughout the book, the fact that they HAD to write this new song, the band member left and caused conflict. All great aspects to a fun filled book, BUT the fact that Jay went back on everything at the end and just basically said “it’s the taking part that counts” kinda sucked. I wanted to know who won, I wanted to hear about them getting the prize, and all of that and yet we were all left hanging, sucks!

One of the things I love to see was A, the intimate relationship between Nate and Jay and the fact the author didn’t shy away from being a little spicy and lifting the book that little higher. I mean I screamed for joy when they finally hooked up and my Husband came to see if I was okay! Also, B, I loved that the author addressed safe sex which is something you see far less of in books.

Nate Plus One Rating ****

So it wouldn’t be a gay book review if I didn’t give it a rating, and a rating I shall give it. I rounded up to a 4 star for Nate Plus One. I know some people will think that’s a little low but I think it’s justified. I loved the book but at the same time the ending was meh and there were a few things that I personally would have changed. We all have different opinions so I guess that’s just mine.

I will say that I hope Kevin Van Whye keeps producing more work. I know he got some stick for Date Me Bryson Keller but I’m on his side there, I believe that we pick up inspiration from all over the place and the fact that he addressed that at the end of his book made me respect him more. I hope this Nate Plus One Review helped you out.

I would totally recommend to anyone, buy Nate Plus One by Kevin Van Whye, it’s a “must read” and you’ll be richer in knowledge by the time you finished.

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