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12 Places To Buy Cheap Wedding Suits

Wedding suits are a nightmare, they were for us anyway. It took us forever to find a decent wedding suit and I don’t mean wedding suit hire either. Now I’m talking about wedding suits for men as children’s ones are everywhere! When it came to men’s wedding attire I was at a loss, everything I found was either terrible quality or so expensive I’d never afforded it! With it being two of us, looking for wedding suits for the groom or grooms was a priority as there was no wedding dress to think about.

Cheap Suits For Men

Okay so if you’re looking for cheap mens wedding suits I’ve got a few tips that will come in handy. When you start looking for cheap suits for men you want to look in the right places, there’s no point going into a shop and it’s all hip hop clothes, so that’s where I’d suggest starting. The next thing I’d suggest looking for is sales, a suit sale will mean you can get the wedding outfit for a fraction of the price and you don’t have to break the bank, so keep an eye out for them.

Now let’s talk about where to get wedding clothes for men while paying as little as possible in the process because weddings can be expensive and saving money is the top priority.


Shops To Buy Men’s Suits


You wouldn’t think it but Primark suit shopping is a thing. Primark suits are growing in size and thankfully not price. There’s a huge range of Primark men’s suits and I’m sure there’s something for everyone. You can complete your outfit with a shirt and shoes for under £250 and that’s really good when it comes to wedding prices.


You can find some nice suits in Matalan, they have a nice quality feel to them, although I must admit they don’t have a wide range of colours which is a shame, if you want black or blue suits at a fair price, Matalan is the place to look.

Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencers wedding suits are vast, they even have sections with their own ties so you can create the whole outfit. What I will say is, although they have a lot of suits and accessories the price tag isn’t as cheap as I’d like, looking around £200-£400 for a suit. With the amount of suits as well you can pick out some nice groomsmen suits if you don’t know where to find them.

Burton for Men

I will admit I didn’t even look in Burton for suits however they do have a nice range. The thing is with Burton, the sizes are on the small size so if you’re plus size it’s not the place for you. Plus the price tag is around £300 for a full suit as well, so not totally budget friendly.


Might need to be quick on this one, with Debenhams closing down stores they might not be around for long. They have a nice range of suits, loads of colours and brands to pick from and you can easily pick up the whole outfit in store, shoes included. However again, not the best budget friendly store but a huge range to pick from.

Suit Direct

The suit direct shop is made up of only suits so you’ve got a wide range to pick from. I will say though that we tried having a look in one of these stores and found it to be a little posh and uptight, don’t go in wearing shorts or you’ll be ignored! The price is fair if you’ve got a bigger budget but the suits and the quality are tough and what you want. They also have an online shop.

Online Shops To Buy Men’s Suits


Jacamo wedding suits are great if you’re a plus size guy like we are. The prices are fair and you can get some really nice styles in all the sizes you need. The best part is you can return them if they’re not to your liking or not the right size.

Moss Bros

Moss Bros have some nice suits, some at really decent prices whereas others can be a little expensive. They also have big and tall suits although I must say they’re not as nice as the “normal wedding suits” they have on sale and can be higher in price as well.

Slater Menswear

The price is a little higher than places like Jacamo but still really nice. If you want a range of wedding suits to look at and all sorts of colour variations I’d suggest looking here first if you have the budget.


Now I don’t shop at ASOS just due to the sizes and they never seem to have anything for us bigger people which is a shame. However for other people who can fit into small sized suits ASOS suits are a great place to start, if you’re thinking about the price of ASOS wedding suits, they aren’t that bad and I would suggest taking a look.

Astares Suit Hire

Here’s one for the people who want to hire wedding suits. The prices are fair and they look amazing. Personally I wouldn’t hire a suit although I know a lot of people do as it’s easier and in most cases cheaper. Take a look and you might find something you like.

Dobell Suits

Nice affordable wedding suits from Dobell, we took a look at Dobell for our suits but found they didn’t have the sizes we needed as they were obviously in high demand! They have some really nice wedding suits and you should check them out!

Expensive Wedding Suits

You don’t need to pay loads to have amazing wedding outfits that’s for sure, however, if you want to I’d suggest taking a look at higher end places. John Lewis offer a lot of variety and mens suits, although they do have a higher price tag attached. Let us know where you got your suit from and if it was a low price or if you ended up paying out a fortune for them!

12 Places To Buy Cheap Wedding Suits

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