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Plus Size Rides At Animal Kingdom

If you’re visiting Animal Kingdom and you’re like us, you might be wondering what rides at Animal Kingdom are good for bigger people. Well, I’m here to talk about the rides at Animal Kingdom and which ones are accessible for plus size people.

If you’re just visiting Animal Kingdom, this is a great post for you so that you know what’s what. If you’re going to visit all the Walt Disney World parks and want an overall guide, take a look at this post.

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How Many Rides Are At Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom has a total of 20 rides which includes live shows and attractions. A lot of people think that Animal Kingdom is a big zoo but the park also has some incredible rides that everyone can enjoy.

Plus Size Rides At Animal Kingdom

There are quite a few rides at Animal Kingdom and we have to say, most of them are great for plus size people although there will be things that can get in the way of getting on the rides so take a look at the list below and get all the information needed.

Remember, if you’re ever unsure if the Animal Kingdom ride might not be a fit for you, ask a member of staff or try a tester seat if there is one.

  • Expedition Everest. This ride has a moulded bucket seat and a lap bar which may restrict plus-size readers from this ride and make the journey uncomfortable.
  • Dinosaur. Each seat has its own seat belt which may make it difficult to fit on the ride. The ride has cars with bucket seats which don’t have armrests so this makes it easier for more to use the ride.
  • Avatar Flight Of Passage. This ride has small moulded seats which you put your body into (chest and stomach area). It is a small ride and can make it difficult for any bigger/plus size people to use. We gave it a miss!
  • Kali River Rapids. Bench seating although the seats are on the smaller side. There are no armrests however there are seatbelts for every seat which may restrict them. The ride is accessible for most and we recommend this ride, the seatbelt is a must though.
  • Na’vi River Journey. Due to bench seating, this ride is accessible for plus-size passengers. There are steps down into the boats in case you have a cane/walking aid.
  • Wildlife Express Train. The train has minimal leg space which makes it slightly uncomfortable, even more so if you have bags with you. The bench seating makes it easy for all to ride.
  • TriceraTop Spin. The seats aren’t that big and adults will find it difficult sitting with another adult. Adult and child would be okay or as an individual.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris. Bench seating with loads of room. Plus size people will have no problem with this ride, medium amount of legroom which may be uncomfortable if you have several bags.

There are several plus-size friendly rides at Animal Kingdom. If you’re ever unsure about which rides are going to be okay, talk to a cast member and ask if there are any test seats to try, they may not always be visible to the public due to privacy reasons but some do have them.

Animal Kingdom river rapids

Plus-Size Animal Kingdom Shows and Expierences

  • Festival of the Lion King – bench seating makes this show accessible to all sizes, however, there isn’t plenty of legroom. They do have other seating for people with wheelchairs and disabilities.
  • Feathered Friends in Flight. Shaded bench seating, lots of room for all.
  • It’s Tough To Be A Bug. Theatre seating without armrests, lots of room for plus-size people. However, the seats do most slightly, and there are jolts in the back as well as the story goes on.
  • Discovery Island Trails – This is a walk-through attraction, no need to transfer from your wheelchair and okay for people who have a walking stick or walking aid.
  • Affection Section – Animal Petting Zoo, no need for seating. However, there are places to sit if needed.
  • Finding Nemo – More bench seating, this time in a raised bench style so you can see over the top of the individuals in front of you, with a medium amount of leg room. 
  • The Oasis Exhibits – This is a walk-through attraction. No transfer for wheelchairs is needed.
  • Habitat Habit – This is a walking attraction, no need to transfer from your wheelchair.
  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail – This is a walking attraction, no need to transfer from your wheelchair, there are some uphill parts. When we visited there was a cast member who used a wheelchair so this attraction is super accessible and disability friendly.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch – You need to take the Wildlife Express Train to get to this part of Animal Kingdom. This attraction is walking, room for wheelchairs as well.
  • The Boneyard – An open-air space to dig up dinosaur bones! Designed for children to explore the world of palaeontology while having fun.
  • Maharajah Jungle Trek – This is a walking attraction. If you need a wheelchair you do not need to transfer. 

The Best Rides At Animal Kingdom For Bigger People

In our opinion, there are several rides and attractions we would suggest. From the 20 rides and attractions, we’d say you have to experience the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Festival of the Lion King, Kali River Rapids (at least twice) and the Kilimanjaro Safaris. They’re the best Animal Kingdom rides for plus-size people (in our opinion) and we’re sure you’ll love them.

Another Animal Kingdom attraction we think you should experience is It’s Tough To Be A Bug. That being said it is in 4D and the chairs move and you get hit in the back a little (not too tough). If you have back problems or need a lot of legroom, this might not be the ride for you.

animal kingdom it's tough to be a bug picture

Plus Size Rides At Animal Kingdom Information

We hope this post helped you in planning your time at Animal Kingdom. It was super tough having to ask cast members for information while we were there so I hope this saves people time when they’re at the park and any embarrassment as we know exactly how it feels.

Rides are always changing at these parks. This was written 05/12/2023 so if anything has been updated, please do let us know!

Plus Size Rides At Animal Kingdom

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