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Queerlit Manchester Review – Social Refuge Manchester

One of the things we love about Manchester the most is how inclusive it is. We’ve been heading into Manchester city centre more and more often and have found some amazing places to visit and some places that are better left avoided. We thought it was about time we wrote some reviews on the places we visited and if it’s worth your time, money and effort.

Manchester Queer Bookshops

Manchester, known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, has several queer-friendly bookshops that celebrate and support diverse voices. Manchester has one of the highest counts of queer bookshops which makes it an inviting and acceptable place to live or visit.

Queer Lit Bookshop Manchester

Queerlit is a dedicated queer bookshop, Queer Lit is a Manchester-based store that focuses on LGBTQ+ literature. They offer a wide variety of books, from fiction and non-fiction to children’s books and young adult novels, all celebrating queer voices and stories.

Queerlit is an inviting and open bookstore that caters to all genres. It is also part of The Social Refuge and has a large seating area downstairs which works as a function room and a space to gather with friends or just enjoy a hot chocolate while reading.

Whatever you’re looking for, Queerlit is bound to have it. As one of the biggest LGBTQ+ book shops in the United Kingdom, it’s sure to have something you’ll want to read! They are also an online store where you can order their books straight to your door.

Queerlit Manchester Address

Social Refuge / Queerlit

27 Great Ancoats St,



M4 5AJ

Queer Lit Manchester Events

Queer Lit in Manchester is known for hosting and participating in a variety of events that celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. These events often include book launches, author readings, panel discussions, and more. Here are some types of events you can expect from Queer Lit in Manchester:

1. Book Launches and Signings

  • Local and International Authors: Queer Lit frequently hosts book launches for both local and international LGBTQ+ authors, providing a platform for them to introduce their latest works.
  • Exclusive Signings: Attendees often have the opportunity to get their books signed and engage in conversations with the authors.

2. Author Readings

  • Diverse Voices: Regular readings by LGBTQ+ authors give readers a chance to hear diverse voices and stories firsthand.
  • Interactive Sessions: These readings are often followed by Q&A sessions, allowing for an interactive and engaging experience.

3. Panel Discussions and Workshops

  • Thematic Panels: Discussions on various themes such as queer representation in literature, mental health, and activism within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Writing Workshops: Workshops aimed at aspiring writers, providing tips on writing and getting published in the LGBTQ+ literary scene.

4. Community Events

  • Pride Celebrations: Special events and activities during Manchester Pride and other LGBTQ+ festivals, often featuring collaborations with other local queer-friendly businesses.
  • Book Clubs: Monthly or bi-monthly book club meetings where community members can discuss selected queer literature.

5. Online Events

  • Virtual Author Talks: In response to global trends, Queer Lit also hosts virtual events, allowing people from all over to join in and participate.
  • Webinars and Online Workshops: Educational and interactive online sessions focusing on various aspects of queer literature and community issues.

For the latest updates on events, it’s best to check Queer Lit’s website or follow their social media channels. They frequently update their followers on upcoming events and any new initiatives they are undertaking.

Queer Lit Manchester Opening Times

Queerlit is open 7 days a week at various times depending on the day. It’s always important to take a look if they have any private or public events on as it may be busier during these times and you may need to buy a ticket to enter. Queerlit and Social Refuge update their instagram profiles with all new information on events.


Monday9 am–7 pm
Tuesday9 am–7 pm
Wednesday9 am–7 pm
Thursday9 am–11 pm
Friday9 am–12 am
Saturday9 am–12 am
Sunday9 am–11 pm

The Social Refuge Manchester

The Social Refuge in Manchester is a unique and vibrant space that combines various elements of social engagement, community support, and cultural enrichment. The space is used in a variety of ways, such as hosting events, book clubs and having it’s own area downstairs for people to gather, play games and just hang out in a comfortable space.

The Social Refuge also has a bar where they offer a variety of refreshments including sandwiches, cakes, hot chocolates and alcohol. We personally love their hot chocolates and order one every time we go, they have a wide variety of syrups to pick from and vegan option as well.

Social Refuge Manchester Address

You’ll notice that the address is the same as Queerlit, that’s because Queerlit is now situated inside Social Refuge which means you can grab a drink to enjoy while reading a new book!

Social Refuge / Queerlit

27 Great Ancoats St,



M4 5AJ

Social Refuge Manchester Menu

Social Refuge Manchester offers a variety of drinks both hot and cold. They also offer food both hot and cold and cakes and other desserts freshly made although these sell out fast so make sure you grab them while you can.

If you are grabbing a drink from Social Refuge Manchester then make sure you get your loyalty card and earn stamps when you buy them. You’ll earn stamps on drinks but not food.

Social Refuge Manchester drinks

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