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Reverie Review – Reverie By Ryan La Sala Book Review

Time for another book review and actually this one didn’t take me three weeks to read, in fact, I’d read the Reverie book within a week and that’s got to be some sort of record, especially as it’s not one of the smaller books I’ve read. I wanted something with a little magic in it, I’ve read some magic related books and they always fall a little flat, especially around the conflict areas. Reverie by Ryan La Sala, however, hit the spot!

I did a poll on Instagram asking people what I should read next, it was between Reverie and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and the people picked Reverie. Now hopefully I’ll answer any questions you have in this Reverie book review, if not ask me in the comments. I find book reviews to be good to read after you’ve finished the book because maybe you’ll agree with the review and maybe you won’t but either way someone feels the same way that they liked a book enough or hated it enough to talk about it.

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This book review will contain spoilers so if you’ve not read the book, be warned.

Reverie By Ryan La Sala Questions

Now this book is a little confusing I won’t lie. In the first couple of chapters, you are sat there thinking, what the hell is going on?! However, if you get past that then you won’t have an issue. I know a lot of people have said that the confusing start of this book meant they didn’t like it or didn’t carry on reading and it’s a shame because it all makes sense the deeper into the book you go, which I guess is just like a memory or in this case, a Reverie.

I’ve taken a look at google and seen what you people are asking about this book so let me answer some of the questions below and hopefully, you’ll have the answers you need. Remember, there will be spoilers so keep that in mind.

Does Reverie by Ryan La Sala have romance?

The Reverie book does have romance, but it’s a very slow burn and yet not in the conventional sense. Due to Kane losing his memories at the start of the book (which is why it doesn’t make much sense, leaving you with many questions), Kane doesn’t remember if he has a boyfriend or not and that’s got to suck.

So yes, there is romance in Reverie but you’ll have to wait for it. I’d say you’ll need to read at least 150 pages before a hint of romance shows and as someone who loved the book, that’s no issue.

What is the book Reverie about?

Essentially, the Reverie book follows a group of teenagers with magic as they unravel dreams (Reveries) that unsuspecting people have unleashed, the only issue is that Kane, their leader, has no memories and doesn’t even know who they are. Kane has to discover who he is and who he can trust before it’s too late.

Spoilers. Posey, the evil and yet stunning drag queen bursts into Kane’s life, making him think that he can trust her although it turns out that Posey is playing a much bigger game and in my opinion, this has to be the only time in my life I’ve not liked or trusted a drag queen so make of that what you will, Florida…

Spoilers. In the end, Kane makes the right decision, with his Reverie boyfriend Dean Flores (who I LOVE!) and saves the day. It ends with him having the life he wants, even if it’s not the life he forgot and it’s beautiful.

Who is the main character in Reverie?

Kane. The story is told through Kane’s eyes and what makes it interesting, he can’t remember a thing. So you’re going through this journey with him and discovering things yourself which is quite cool. The only thing that I didn’t like with this was that I could tell what was going to happen or saw the plot twist coming when Kane still had no idea and I ended up shouting at him to wake up and smell the roses, so to speak.

Is Reverie LGBT?

Spoilers. Yes, very much so. Kane (the main character) is gay and so is his adorable boyfriend Dean. The main villain Posey is an evil drag queen and I’m pretty sure that Kane’s friend and sister are dating but that wasn’t made certain so at this point in time it’s just my brain speculating. If you’ve read it, do you think that Adeline and Sophia were dating or did I make that up?

Is The Reverie Hardback Book Nice?

I think that the Reverie paperback is nicer. The Reverie hardback is nice don’t get me wrong but it’s a little plain for me and I find there’s more going on in the paperback cover. When I get a hardback I want it to look AMAZING as I’ll most of the time have it on display instead of actually reading it. If you’re going to buy Reverie Ryan La Sala, get the paperback.

Reverie By Ryan La Sala Charachters

I can’t talk about all the characters or this Reverie book review will be just as long as the book itself. So that means I’ll be brief. If you want any information about any of the characters let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. This part will have spoilers, sorry not sorry.

Spoilers. The Others. The others are a group of magical teenagers who were gifted powers (apart from Kane) from the evil drag queen known as Posey. You have Elliot, who can create illusions. Ursula, whom is super strong and can form a magical barrier. Adeline, who can wipe your memories and Kane, their leader who can pretty much shoot magic out of his hands and fly. They all have their unique talents and are equally as unique. My favourite would probably be Ursula. I also think that Ryan could have dived deeper into Elliot who he categorises as the “Jock” who takes the mick out of gay kids but then he’s also friendly and best pals with Kane, how did that happen exactly?

Spoilers. Dean Flores. I LOVED Dean Flores, I would have loved to have had him as a boyfriend in school. He was sweet, protective, and great too and for Kane and also made from a Reverie and that meant he wasn’t actually a person. Oh, and he worked for Posey. I guess you could say that Dean and Kane’s relationship had its issues but Ryan La Sala did a great job bringing him to life, in more ways than one.

Spoilers. Posey, she started off so strong, like the friend you could trust in. I ended up hating her with every fibre in my body and yet, I still loved her and that’s great writing in my opinion. She was the villain and was incredible at it. During the magical fight scenes, I felt like she was channelling evil Wanda from Marvel and yet had the strength and confidence of a superstar drag queen. I couldn’t possibly write anything to give her character justice but if you’ve read the book, you’ll know what I mean!

Cry Factor – Is The Reviere By Ryan La Sala Sad?

It’s no secret that I cry at most movies, TV series and books. I always give my books a cry factor because I want people to know if a book is going to make them cry or not. It would be a crime to not talk about if the Reverie book was emotional or not in this Reverie book review, however, no it wasn’t.

There was a moment towards the end that caught in my throat but I didn’t cry once. I think that’s because this book featured more around the magic and illusions created by the reveries and The Others and didn’t really prioritise the romance as much as other books I’ve read. This didn’t make it a bad book, it just made it more magical over romance and it worked well.

Books Like Reverie Ryan La Sala

Now there won’t be anything quite the same as the Reverie book but there are some similar queer books that I’ve read that you’ll enjoy if you read this book. Also, if anyone has any suggestions that I’ve not noted below, let me know in the comments on send me a message as I’m always up for reading more books! I’ll also throw in the paperback and hardback for Reverie in case you’ve not got it already, and if that’s the case what is wrong with you?

Reverie By Ryan La Sala Rating

So I’ve been honest in this Reverie book review as you might have guessed and in areas that need work, I’ve pointed them out. Overall, I’d rate the Reverie a 4 star rating. I think it worked well in so many areas but I just wanted a little more. A little more about Elliot and how he was recruited, a little more about Posey, a little more romance between Kane and Dean and then I think it would be a glowing 5 star.

I know some people didn’t like it and I’ve seen some reviews that are rather negative. I believe that everyone likes different things and this review and all the opinions in it are my own, it’s okay if you disagree as long as you follow me on Instagram and TikTok.

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