The best and worst disney snacks at disney world

The Best And Worst Disney World Snacks 2023

If you’re going to Disney World you’re probably going to want to try the Disney World Snacks. Thankfully, we tried a range of snacks at Disney World and can happily give our honest feedback on them all. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending money on rubbish snacks, am I right or what?

Are Snacks Allowed In Disney World?

Yes. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on Disney World snacks every day that’s fine. You can take your own food and drinks into the Disney parks and they won’t be taken from you.

We ended up taking our own snacks every time we visited the park. We also froze bottles of water and kept them with us so we had something cold to drink over the day. A little tip, leave some frozen bottles of water in the car when you visit the Disney World parks and you should have some nice cold water waiting for you.

Best Disney World Snacks To Pack

If you’re looking to pack your own snacks, great. We would actually recommend taking your own snacks so you don’t spend a fortune. We like to think the snacks are more Disney treats and we only got them if we really wanted them.

You do need to be practical with your snacks though. Taking chocolate is a bad idea, it will melt. Take a look at some of the best snacks to take to Disney World below.

Best Disney World Snacks 2023

So we’re no experts on everything Disney snack related but these are some of our favourite snacks at Disney World. You are literally spoilt with choice and if you go to places like Walt Disney Epcot you’ve got snacks from all different countries to enjoy.

These are the best Walt Disney World Snacks, in our opinion. Prices for the snacks may have increased since our visit in 2023.

#1 Epcot Turtle Brownie – Epcot The Land

The loaded turtle brownie at Epcot is worth every single dollar! It’s a brownie which is topped with caramel, pecans, and chocolate frosting and it’s to die for. If you’re visiting, get the Epcot loaded turtle brownie. The turtle brownie at Walt Disney World cost $4.79 and it’s well worth it.

Epcot Turtle Brownie - Epcot The Land

#2 Totchos – Hollywood Studios Woody’s Lunch Box

So this isn’t exactly a snack, it’s more of a main/entree. To tell you what this is, it is tater tots topped with chilli (mild), nachos, cheese, sour cream and spring onions. However, as we shared it we saw it as a snack. We’d heard all about these and had to go and find them. If you go to the Toy Story area in Hollywood Studios you’ll find them easily. They cost $9.99 and if you’re sharing one between two, they’re worth it.

Totchos – Hollywood Studios Woody’s Lunch Box

#3 Warm Cinnamon Roll – Gaston’s Tavern Magic Kingdom

It would seem that no one bakes like Gaston either! These Magic Kingdom warm cinnamon rolls are amazing. We kept seeing them, finally asked someone where they got it and we were in the queue in seconds.

If you’re looking to eat in Gaston’s Tavern you might have a hard time finding a table but you’ll have a great Magic Kingdom snack to enjoy. The Gaston cinnamon roll will cost you $6.79 it’s a great price and the roll is huge and will chase the hunger away.

Warm Cinnamon Roll - Gaston’s Tavern Magic Kingdom

#4 Pork and Egg Rolls – Lotus Blossom Epcot

These Pork and egg rolls are great. We fancied a little snack before we met Mulan and these were in the China part of Epcot. If you’re in the area, get these Epcot pork and egg rolls, they’re hot, crispy and delicious. It’s one of the few hot snacks that we got and we easily recommend them.

These Epcot China Lotus Blossom cafe pork and egg rolls cost $5.25 and we shared them between the two of us to make them more cost effective. They’re great for couples visiting Disney World.

Pork and Egg Rolls - Lotus Blossom Epcot

#5 The Grey Stuffed Cupcake – Gaston’s Tavern Magic Kingdom

We are divided on this cake. Matt liked it, Louis wasn’t a fan. If you’re at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom, give it a try and let us know what you thought. The Grey Stuffed Cupcake is at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom.

The Grey Stuff Cupcake Gaston’s Tavern will cost you $5.79 which is a little steep for what you’re getting but a nice little treat if you’re in that area and fancy a sit down and a treat.

The Grey Stuffed Cupcake - Gaston's Tavern Magic Kingdom

#6 Raspberry Lunch Box Tart – Hollywood Studios Woody’s Lunch Box

The Woody’s Lunch Box Raspberry Lunch Box Tart is another that we were divided on, it was a bit like a Pop Tart. Matt liked it, but Louis did not. You can find it in Hollywood Studios and it cost $4.49 which isn’t bad.

We both found it to be a little lacking in the filler department and a little dry so make sure you have it with a drink at the ready. There is very little seating around Woody’s Lunch Box so be prepared to stand.

Raspberry Lunch Box Tart - Hollywood Studios Woody’s Lunch Box

Worst Dinsey World Snacks

These are the worst snacks at Disney World. It’s our opinion, if you disagree just let us know why in the comments. The snacks were too overhyped, overpriced and just not that nice which was a big shame.

We wanted to give our honest opinion on bad snacks at Disney World to help people avoid spending money on bad food. You can by all means still try the snacks but we wouldn’t suggest doing so.

Disney Mickey Mouse Pretzel

I’m sorry to say this but in our opinion, the Mickey pretzel was not worth it at all. The giant Disney World pretzel is very dry and comes with a cheese sauce which is dull and adds nothing to the pretzel other than more salt.

It’s overpriced for sure at $7.50. We shared it between two but even that was a little too much as it was just so bland. I would stay away from buying the Disney Pretzel although if you’re determined to try it, you’ll find it pretty much everywhere in all parks.

Disney Mickey Mouse Pretzel

Disney Giant Doughnuts

The giant Disney World donuts, how disappointing they were. We thought it would be bursting with flavour, it was so big and expensive how could you go wrong. Three words to sum it up, flavourless, messy and dry.

The Disney doughnut will cost you $10.99 which is a giant rip off. They also do them in mouse shapes as well and they are equally as disappointing. Don’t waste your money and go buy a Disney pin instead.

Disney Giant Doughnuts

Dino-Bite Freshly Baked Chocolate-Chip Cookie – Animal Kingdom

If you’re looking for something fresh and yummy, avoid this Freshly Baked Chocolate-Chip Cookie from Animal Kingdom. It was the furthest thing from fresh and it tasted a little stale. We thought it would be warm and gooey, not one bit.

The cookie was $3.29 each. It was one of the cheaper snacks at Animal Kingdom but we wouldn’t have it again in a hurry. Thankfully the Dino-Bite snack station did have a shaded outside eating area which was fairly quiet so that was a big plus. As you can see from the picture, it was very underwhelming.

Dino-Bite Animal Kingdom Freshly Baked Chocolate-Chip Cookie

Snack Tips At Disney World

We would suggest taking your own snacks if you’re there for the whole day, it means spending less. We suggest avoiding the water fountains as the water was disgusting. Instead take a big bottle, whenever you buy a snack ask for a cup of ice, they don’t charge and you can add it to your drinks to save you buying water and to keep it ice cold.

Hopefully, this post has helped you pick the best snacks at Disney World. We don’t want to tell you that every snack is amazing, unlike other online websites that say you must try everything! Save your money and only buy the snacks that taste great. Of course, everyone has different preferences but these are ours.

Must Eat Snacks At Disney World

So we’ve talked about the snacks Walt Disney World has to offer and it’s obvious we have our favourites. Take a look at the must eat snacks at Disney World below, they are based on our favourites so the list will differ depending on what someone likes.

  • Epcot Turtle Brownie – Epcot The Land
  • TotchosHollywood Studios Woody’s Lunch Box
  • Warm Cinnamon Roll – Gaston’s Tavern Magic Kingdom

What were your favourite snacks at Disney World?

Healthy Snacks At Disney World

Good luck. There aren’t many healthy snack options at Walt Disney World I’m afraid. You can buy fruit and milk but that’s about it. I would suggest taking your own snacks to Disney World if you don’t want to be constantly eating naughty snacks all day.

You can go for meals at Disney World but these are more expensive, even though they are more expensive. The common theme in the United States is that if it’s healthy, it’s more expensive.

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The Best And Worst Disney World Snacks 2023

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