The Cheapest Places To Buy Disney Products In Florida (Not In Disney World)

The Cheapest Places To Buy Disney Products In Florida (Not In Disney World)

If you’re visiting Florida you’ll probably visit Disney World, especially if you have children. We went as a couple and we don’t have children and we spent a week in Disney World so it’s somewhere you have to go, even if you don’t have children and it’s a number one top destination for all Disney fans! Have I mentioned, Disney is amazing?

It’s no secret that Disney isn’t cheap and if you’re planning on buying Disney merchandise, you might be looking for affordable Disney products in Florida, I know we were and we still spent around $500 on Disney merchandise overall.

Thankfully there are loads of Disney shops in Florida that sell merchandise that isn’t situated in Disney World and the prices are a lot cheaper. I’ll list the best Disney discount stores Orlando has to offer and hopefully, you’ll be able to get everything you need without spending hundreds in the process. Disney shopping in Orlando doesn’t have to be expensive and you can still enjoy your holiday without worrying about how you’ll afford everything.

Disney Shops Orlando

Orlando has loads of Disney shops and depending on what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in one of them. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still probably end up buying something at Disney World but you won’t be buying everything that’s there. Buying from discount stores is one of the cheapest ways to do Disney World without spending all of your money but there are a few things you want to be careful of when you shop at the Disney discount stores in Orlando Florida.

There are loads of places you can get cheap Disney products in Orlando if you know where they are. We found that visiting these shops helped up to budget better and buy people gifts before we went to the parks and spent all of our money there and we would easily suggest that everyone visit these stores first. They might not have everything but they have enough.

Disney Gift Shop Orlando

There are quite a few Disney outlets in Florida and you’ll find they’re right next to each other as well. Our advice would be to park in one store and then walk to the others, at most you’ll have a 5 minute walk because they’re all so close. We park in the Florida Mermaid gift store and walk to the others from there, even if we buy most of our stuff from the Mermaid gift shop.

We’ve put our favourite gift shops from best to worst. These are our opinions so they might differ from other people’s but if you’re looking for cheap Disney stores in Florida, these are the ones you have to try and the order you have to try them in. The ones further down the list are more expensive but may have products you don’t get in others.

We visited all of these Orlando Disney outlet stores in May 2023, they may have changed since.

#1 – The Mermaid Gift Shop Florida.

The Disney Mermaid Gift store in Florida is one of our favourites to visit. The store is huge, it has two floors which are beaming with Disney merchandise. We ended up spending around $300 in this store on our 16-day Orlando vacation and which consisted of gifts for friends and family, Loungefly Disney bags which cost around $80 depending on the bag and some hats because it gets very hot in Orlando and you need protection.

If you’re going to visit the Mermaid Disney gift store in Florida, our suggestion would be to do the upstairs first and then the downstairs. You’re bound to want less upstairs and it won’t take you as long. Focus most of your time downstairs and you’ll get it done faster and won’t be bored by the time you checkout.

Like most Disney stores in Florida, 80% of the items sold are legit and real Disney. Check the clothes and hats however because you will have fakes thrown in. The Mermaid Disney gift store is one of the stores that don’t have loads of fake Disney products so you won’t have to worry as much in there.

Always remember to ask for your “Free gift” if you’re shopping at the Disney mermaid store when you spend over $25 because they advertise this but more times than not, they “forget”.

Orlando mermaid gift store outside

#2 – Disney Character Warehouse – Vineland Premium Outlets

If you’re looking for a 100% legit Disney store in Florida, the Character Disney store is the one for you. It’s bursting with legit Disney merchandise that has either been phased out of the Disney World Park shops or they have too much and need to offload it fast in a store like this. You’ll find all sorts of Disney products in this store, if you’re visiting around April/May time you can expect a lot of Christmas goodies!

Although all the products are 100% legit, the price tag is still high on some of the items there. We visited this shop twice, once on the first week and once on the second week. Giving this time between visits meant that Disney Character Warehouse had plenty of time to get new stock in, which they most certainly did. We found some amazing Disney Loungefly bags and wallets/purses, and I have to say we bought 5 bags and 1 wallet, we also found a lot of resellers huddled in the corner scanning things on eBay and one selling live on TikTok shop, so if you’re looking at visiting; get there early!

The Disney Character store in Florida does get a lot of Disney products so if you’re visiting Orlando for more than one week, it might be worth checking there once a week to see if they have anything new.

Disney Character Warehouse store front

#3 – Studio 1 Gift Shop

Although Studio 1 Disney store doesn’t have a giant character floating on it, it is painted as the USA flag and has a giant eagle painted on it which makes it unmissable unlike some of the other Disney gift outlets on this stretch of road. Just like the Mermaid Disney Store it has two floors full of Disney products which means you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The prices and products here are on par with the Mermaid gift store so if you’re looking for something a little different or possibly cheaper, I don’t think you’ll find it. That being said you might find a gem hidden out back and you’ll find that shops this big will always have new items every week as they are popular and will sell out fast, just like the Disney Character Warehouse.

Orlando studio 1 gift shop store front

#4 – Magic Castle Gift Shop

The Magic Castle gift shop in Orlando is very much like the mermaid store. Their prices are similar to the mermaid store as well. Most Disney stores in Florida will be similarly priced but it’s always good to know which Disney stores are the cheapest so you don’t spend all of your money in one place and find it cheaper somewhere else.

Most of the decent Disney gift shops in Orlando are on the same stretch of road which means they are all within walking distance, if you don’t mind crossing a busy road that is. This means you’ll be able to shop at several without having to drive miles and waste fuel. I would recommend Studio 1 and the Mermaid gift store for the cheapest items.

If one thing’s for sure with this shop with a giant wizard on it and the mermaid shop with a giant mermaid on it, children will love it and if you don’t want to pay to get into theme parks, this can be equally as exciting just looking at the storefronts on the gift shops.

Orlando magic castle store front

What’s Wrong With The Disney Stores In Florida?

So the stores above are great, they’re cheaper than any of the Disney park stores and they have a more varied range of products because they don’t have to conform to an identity like a shop would have to in one of the four Disney parks. That being said, they’re not all sunshine and daisies.

Do Disney Outlet Stores Sell Fake Disney Products?

Yes and no. The Disney outlet stores you find on the high street in Orlando mainly sell legit products that they get from Disney or Disney related companies. That being said, you’ll also find a lot of knock-off products that aren’t official Disney and you need to watch out for these if you’re only looking for legit Disney products.

Normally you can spot a fake a mile off in these stores, the clothing tags and stitching are a dead giveaway, and if the item feels cheap, it probably is. You can also take a look at the Disney products in the Disney stores and compare them with the products in the Orlando Disney outlets to notice the difference in quality. Some items such as keyrings or badges you’ll be able to tell are fake a mile off.

If you’re not bothered by the legitimacy of products and just want to buy something Disney related while you visit Disney in Orlando, go for it but I know not everyone is happy to do this, especially when the fakes aren’t that much cheaper than the real deal. Products such as pin badges and mugs are harder to fake with the “official” branding so they’re your safest bet.

Are Disney Outlet Stores Cheaper Than Disney World Shops?

Yes. Most Disney outlet stores in Orlando are cheaper than spending your money in Disney World itself. However, as I said before you may come across some fake items and if you care about that keep an eye out for it. Some products such as hats, clothing and fridge magnets might be cheaper at these Disney gift shops but not everything will be.

That being said, the Loungefly and Disney bags that you buy won’t differ that much in price. On our travels, we picked up a Marvel Pride bag from the Disney World store which was $80 and we picked up a Stitch bag from the Mermaid Gift Store which was $69.99. As you can see the prices vary and we do believe that the only reason the Stitch bag was reduced was because it was no longer being sold in the parks.

Are The Disney Outlet Stores Nice?

We have actually had this question a few times from people who have gone abroad and ended up in some horrible gift shops! The Orlando Disney gift stores are really nice, they’re decorated really well and they stand out. Inside the buildings are always clean, smell great and the customer service is really nice.

Not all gift shops have toilets but the main one that does is the Mermaid Orland gift shop, you just won’t be able to take any merchandise in there which is understandable because they don’t want anyone to steal anything. If you’re worried make sure you check reviews on Google before you visit as this post was written in May 2023 and things may have changed in the Disney outlet stores in Florida since!

Disney Outlet Stores In Orlando To Avoid

So we’ve been over some of the stores that we like and that we shop in regularly, and we probably spent almost $500 in total over our 16 days in Florida. However, there are some Disney stores in Orlando to avoid and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone when I talk about these but I want to warn people so that they don’t spend money on blatantly obvious fake products and also some not so obvious fake products.

There are two that we dislike, one is right next door to the mermaid store and the other is over the road. I’m not sure why they’re there, personally, I think the competition is way too big around that area but maybe they’re a front for something else like the American Candy Stores in London? Enough said on that though.

#1 – Disney Gifts Outlet

This store might be named Disney gifts outlet but that doesn’t mean everything they sell is Disney, in fact, most of what they sell is rather fake. As soon as you walk in you’ll find fake Harry Potter wands that look as if they’ve been packaged and shipped off from some hut in China, they’re poorly made and are clearly fake like most of the products in the store.

If you’re looking for cheap knock-off goods, this is the place to go. The only thing we can say about this store that is positive, the salt water taffy is cheaper than anywhere else. The staff, however, are mostly all very rude and won’t even move out of your way when you’re having a browse. If you’re looking for a nice Disney outlet in Florida, avoid this one.

Orlando disney gifts outlet store front

#2 – Bargain Outlet

I feel a little bad for adding this Disney Orlando gift store to this post but I feel I have to. We went in and the customer service was lovely, however, the products that were on sale happened to be the exact same products that were in all the other stores but 90% of them were more expensive so that meant we weren’t going to buy anything, because why would you pay more when you can get it cheaper over the road?

That’s all we have to say about the Bargain Outlet in Orlando, let me know if their prices have changed but due to the competition and the fact that they’re still one of the most expensive in the area, I doubt they’ll change anytime soon and I can’t see the establishment still being there when we visit again.

We have to say sorry about the meh photo, we didn’t stick around long enough when we went in to take a photo and we didn’t want to stop just to take a photo when the roads can be very busy around the gift shops!

Orlando Bargain World Store Front

Shopping In Disney World Parks

I personally have nothing against shopping at Disney World, but if you’re looking to do Disney World on a budget, I wouldn’t advise shopping in the parks. We purchased a few bits in the parks and we can safely say, it’s expensive! $60 on a Disney shirt, $80 on a Marvel Pride edition bag and even the food and drinks are enough to have your wallet hurting with the standard (500ml) bottle of water costing you $3.75 each!

Our advice would be to avoid spending your money in the Disney World parks if you’re on a budget, go to the gift stores and do your shopping beforehand. We would also suggest taking your own food and drinks to the parks so you don’t have to spend money while you’re there. If you’re looking to try some of the tasty Disney World snacks, share them as we did or do your homework so you know which snacks are the best.

Our best money saving tip for Disney Parks, avoid the giant doughnuts, they will entice you in, you will want to buy them and you will be VERY disappointed when you do. They’re nothing special, no matter how many people encourage you to buy them!

Cheap Disney Outlet Stores Florida

If you think we left any Cheap Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando please let us know, we’ll always try and add new content to these posts but we won’t be able to unless we know about them or unless we visit them on our next trip. We have personally been inside all of these stores and taken a long look at what they have to offer and that’s why we feel we can give the best review and reflection on all of these Disney stores in Florida.

If you’re going to Disney in Florida we hope you have an amazing time, make sure you budget and hopefully you won’t have a heart attack when you take a look at your bank balance either the next day or after your entire holiday! Setting a budget is key and using places like these cheap Disney stores in Orlando, Florida helps you to stay within your budget.

The Cheapest Places To Buy Disney Products In Florida (Not In Disney World)

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