Plus size guide for Disney World

The Ultimate Guide For Being Plus Sized Disney World

We never claimed to be skinny mini’s and that’s why we decided to put this post together. You’ll find that Disney World plus size rides are a lot more common than you’d think. We got very worried before going to the parks and didn’t know if we’d be able to get on any rides, so we wanted to put a post together of the best plus size Disney rides in Orlando.


Is Disney World Plus Size Friendly

Unlike Universal Studios, Disney World is very plus size friendly. We only had issues getting on some rides which were mainly at Animal Kingdom and we didn’t have any issues anywhere else. If you know of any rides that are plus size in Disney that you love, let us know and we’ll have to try them.

Disney World Wheelchair Access for Plus Size Guests

Disney World has great facilities for disabled plus size guests in their parks. They have accessibility lines in their queues for rides and meeting characters. They also have great transportation in their parks for disabled guests and plus sized friends.

How To Get Plus Size-Friendly Wheelchairs or Scooters at Disney World

Disney World is dedicated to making the park accessible and enjoyable for all guests which is why you can either bring your own wheelchairs or scooters to the park for accessibility reasons or you can rent them in the park, there is a charge for rental.

Disney World provides rentals in all of its parks. It would be wise to take into consideration that Disney World wheelchairs have a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Disney World ECVs have a weight capacity of 450 pounds. So make sure you know which one you’ll need when you visit.

The Best Plus Size Disney World Rides

If you’re worried about fitting on rides, don’t be. There are of course some that you can’t ride as they have smaller seats or the bars don’t go down all the way but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and still enjoy rides, meeting characters and exploring.

One thing to remember is that Disney World Florida is filled with much more than just rides and depending on what park you go to, depends on what fun you can have. Watch the Lion King show at Disney Animal Kingdom for example.

Plus Size Disney World Outfits

One thing we were pleasantly surprised with while at Disney World was the sizes of their clothes. Most companies will sell you clothes that are smaller than the label suggest but Disney World is spot on. If you’re looking for cheap plus size Disney clothes we’d suggest going to the Character Warehouse as they have some amazing clothes and bargains!

There are some rules to be careful of at Disney World. No masks that cover your face, medical masks are okay. No clothing that drags on the floor or can be caught in rides and no fancy dress costumes for people aged over 14. That being said you can still create a stunning outfit inspired by any Disney character.

Keep in mind that Disney is able to refuse entry to anyone based on their clothing, Disney World is a family friendly resort so you can’t turn up wearing a Tarzan outfit.

What To Wear To Disney World If You Are Plus Sized?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing. You don’t want to go for style over comfort or you’re going to have a terrible day. I saw people walking around with bare feet and their high heels in their hands. You might look stunning but it’s not practical.

Make sure you take the correct protective gear which can be stored in your bags. These include ponchos and extra hats. For more information on what to pack for Disney World take a look at our handy guide. The weather can change at any moment so you don’t want to get caught out in the rain.


You want to make sure you’re wearing something that is lightweight. We’d suggest avoiding flip flops as they can get caught on pavements or even rides and you don’t want to lose one mid-ride.

What Should Plus Size Women Wear At Disney World?

We can’t speak for women as we are two men but we saw a lot of women at Disney World wearing dresses as they’re light and have better airflow. Make sure you wear practical footwear as you will be doing around 10-30k steps in a day at one park, sandles are good but trainers are better.

You can also wear what we wore and that’s sensible trainers, shorts and a T-shirt and shirt. Just make sure you reapply sun cream all day, especially on your legs, arms and neck.

What Should Plus Size Men Wear At Disney World

It depends on your style but we would suggest wearing shorts, proper practical footwear and either a shirt on its own or a T-Shirt and shirt combination as you will get very sweaty and it’s nice to have a dark shirt over your top which won’t show the sweat.

Just make sure you apply sun cream throughout the day on exposed areas of skin, these are mainly the neck and legs as they’re the most forgotten. If you do decide to wear flip flops, use sun cream on your feet as well or they’ll get burnt and you’ll have a nasty tan line.

The Best Plus Size Rides At Animal Kingdom Disney World

Kali’s River Rapids – Animal Kingdom

Is Kali’s River Rapids good for plus size? Yes. Kali’s River Rapids at Animal Kingdom is great for bigger people. There is enough room in the seats for the majority of people to fit in, although you will end up soaked when you get off the ride, we did!

The seat belts on the river rapids ride are also big so you shouldn’t have any issue with getting on the ride, having fun and getting very wet!

Kilimanjaro Safaris – Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris use safari trucks that have loads of room. You won’t have any problem using this ride and it’s super fun. You get to see loads of animals and learn all about them, we recommend the Kilimanjaro Safaris for sure.

Plus Sized Rides At Animal Kingdom

The Best Plus Size Rides At Magic Kingdom Disney World

The Barnstormer – Magic Kingdom

Is the Barnstormer ok for big people? Yes! We went on this ride twice even though we had to queue up. The ride has individual seats so you have lots of room and it’s super fun. It only lasts for a couple of minutes, it’s high speed and a lot of fun.

The ride does have a bar that goes down but as far as we could tell it didn’t have a stopping point unlike other rides so there shouldn’t be any issues there.

It’s A Small World – Magic Kingdom

This ride has loads of room and it’s great if you have children with you. If you’re going as adults without any children in your party I would suggest giving it a miss as it’s a little weird but also a must-do at Disney as it’s been there since the park opened.

The Haunted Mansion – Magic Kingdom

The Haunted Mansion is great for plus size people. You have your own booth to sit in as you go around the ride and pretty much anyone can fit in them. A similar ride with these type of seats include Under The Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom.

Plus Sized Rides At Magic Kingdom

The Best Plus Size Rides At EPCOT Disney World

Living With The Land at – EPCOT

Living with the land is a great ride for bigger people at Disney World. It has lots of room, you shouldn’t have any issues and it’s really interesting to ride with all the information you get, if you’re looking for plus sized rides at EPCOT this is one you should defiantly try to ride.

Spaceship Earth – EPCOT

I really liked Spaceship Earth at Disney World. There is a bench seat which easily fits two bigger people comfortably. There is a bar that lowers although it doesn’t have a stopping point so it won’t make the ride uncomfortable.

Plus Sized Rides At EPCOT

The Best Plus Size Rides At Hollywood Studios Disney World

Star Wars Ride of The Resistance – Hollywood Studios Orlando

We loved this ride and it is a must if you visit Hollywood Studios in Orlando. They have individual seats with big seatbelts so you should have no problems getting on this ride. Just make sure you hold on tight as it is a bumpy ride.

Muppet*Vision 3D – Hollywood Studios Orlando

If you’re looking for a laugh and want to feel comfortable, this is a show you must watch. It’s funny, and interactive and the seats are wide and comfortable. It’s one of the oldest rides at Hollywood Studios Florida and a recommendation from us.

Plus Sized Rides At Hollywood Studios Florida

Is There A Size Limit On Disney Rides?

Most rides at Disney World do not have a size limit. It’s always important to check the ride specifications on the app before you get in the queue as you don’t want to get to the end and realise that you can’t fit. Wasted time is never fun at the parks and you want to make sure you can do everything you want in one day as tickets aren’t cheap.

Weight Limit on Disney World Rides

While there are height and size limitations on Disney World rides, there are no weight limits on the rides at the moment but this can change so always check the app. This being said there will be guidelines on the app that you can look at to help determine if the ride is a good fit for you.

Although the rides do not have weight limits, there are still restrictions that can get in the way such as seatbelts, lap bars and the size of the seats. So make sure you talk to a cast member and find out if that ride is size friendly.

Are There Test Seats At Disney World?

If a ride is not size accommodating then most of the time there will be a test seat outside the ride. It can be embarrassing trying them in front of people but at least you’ve saved time in a queue if you can’t fit into the seat.

If there are no test seats just ask one of the Disney cast members for help who will be able to advise you on any restrictions the ride might have or even show you a test seat so you can try it out. Something they have test seats inside that can be tested.

The Worst Plus Sized Rides At Disney World

Just because a lot of rides are big people friendly doesn’t mean there aren’t some that are a no go for plus sized people. There are some rides that we would recommend avoiding if you’re plus sized and as we’ve said before, it’s no fun standing in a queue if you can’t fit on a ride, nobody likes wasted time at theme parks.

The Worst Plus Size Rides At Animal Kingdom Disney World

Animal Kingdom is great for plus size people although the main attractions at this park are no good if you’re bigger which is quite annoying.

Expedition Everest

This thrill ride has smaller seats and a bar that can make it impossible for plus size people to ride. Avoid this one and enjoy something else.

Flight of Passage

If you’re a bigger person and a fan of Avatar I have some bad news. There was no way we would fit on this ride and if you’re plus size, I wouldn’t queue up.

The Worst Plus Size Rides At Magic Kingdom Disney World

If you’ve asked the question, is Magic Kingdom fat friendly, there are some rides you want to avoid. I don’t like using the word fat but this is how people search on Google so I’m making sure people find this information.

Space Mountain Ride – Magic Kingdom

This ride is fun but we barely fit on it. The issue with this ride is that the seats are a little small which makes them uncomfortable but the main problem is the lap bar that needs to go down, it might not be suitable for bigger people so make sure you can ride it before you queue up as the queue times are normally 30 minutes or more.

Tron Lightcycle Power Run

The seats on Tron are big although if you have big hips or legs then it might make it difficult to get onto the ride so it might not be accessible for everyone. We only just managed to get on it so try the test seat beforehand, it’s only a virtual queue at the moment so you won’t need to waste hours in line anyway.

The Worst Plus Size Rides At EPCOT Disney World

Test Track Attraction

The main issue with this ride is the small and confined space. Test out a seat beforehand or talk to a Disney cast member for advice.

The Worst Plus Size Rides At Hollywood Studios Disney World Orlando

Rock ‘N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

The main issue with this Disney ride is that it has a confined space, although they are planning on making these slightly bigger it may still be an issue for bigger guests visiting the park.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror might not be the best for plus size people as it has a seat belt that might not always be big enough.

Is Disney World Ok For Bigger People?

Disney is an all round inclusive park, their rides are plus size friendly and most of the time you’ll have no issues enjoying yourself at the Disney World parks. It is always important to check if there are any requirements for the rides beforehand either by checking the app or talking to a member of staff.

Thankfully, while in Disney World parks we didn’t once feel like we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the majority of the rides. The only thing we worried about was Louis’ height! Disney World is plus size friendly and we love it.

The Ultimate Guide For Being Plus Sized Disney World

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