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Themed Wedding Favour Ideas

If you’re looking to have a themed wedding then you’ll want to make sure that you have the best themed wedding favours but let’s face it, that can be quite a bit of a challenge. Thankfully we’re here to help. We’ve taken a look at the various wedding themes and came up with some suggestions you might just love.

Take a look at our wedding-themed favours below and don’t get a headache while planning the perfect themed wedding!

What To Put In Wedding Favours

If you’re looking at what to give as wedding favours and you’re doing a themed wedding, there are loads of options!

Travel Themed Wedding Favours

We actually had a travel theme to our wedding and it was amazing. We put photos up of us in the various destinations we’d traveled, we had location themed tables of all of our favourite places we’ve been and we had little suitcases for our travel themed wedding favour boxes.

Take a look at the different ideas for travel themed wedding favours below and find something to suit your special day.

  • Luggage Tags Wedding Favours: These are super cute and they’ll help people when they travel. Travel themed, unique and so cool!
  • Custom Beach Towel: This depends on your budget and if you want to be giving big wedding favours. They also make great gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids.
  • Personalised Travel Journal: These are super cute and make either great travel wedding favours or gifts for the wedding party.
  • Travel Wedding Plane Keyring: These are adorable and would look great in any travel themed favour box or bag!
  • Travel Makeup Brushes: These are great for women in your bridesmaid party or in personalised wedding favour bags.

Travel Themed Wedding Favour Boxes

Want something fancy to put your travel themed wedding favours in? Take a look at these travel inspired wedding favour boxes and put your mind at ease.

  • Vintage mini suitcase favour bags: We used these suitcases as our wedding favour boxes. They were easy to put together, looked really cool and fit well into our travel themed wedding.
  • World Map Favour Boxes: These are so cute, you can show your guests the world and have some fun favours inside!
  • Brown Map Favour Boxes: These are a little more understated with some nice stickers and a plane on but they still make a great travel wedding favour box nonetheless.
young loving couple on their wedding day, near the boat on the sand, outdoor beach wedding in tropics

Harry Potter Themed Wedding Favours

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? It doesn’t matter if your wedding is a Harry Potter Themed wedding or if you’re just looking for Harry Potter wedding favours, you can still have a magical day. Take a look at some of the Harry Potter inspired wedding favours below!

  • PERSONALISED Platform WIZARD Chocolates: Fancy some Harry Potter platform chocolate? Want them personalised for your big day, look no further!
  • Harry Potter Theme Sweet Cones: These are adorable and perfect for any children you might have at the wedding who might not like the fancy food!
  • Paint your own wizard favours: These are super cute and can be gifted to both adults and children, helping you to fill your Harry Potter wedding favour bag or boxes.
  • Magic Wands: Want to give your guests the gift of magic? Look no further. These wands are the perfect addition to any magical favour boxes; just make sure they use no dark curses!
  • Harry Potter Wedding Key Favours: They’ll be no magic needed to open the door to your wedding but why not give your guests the key thing to remember it by!
  • Golden Snitch wedding favours: Let all your guests catch the snitch with these delicious wedding favours.
  • Wizards & Witches Scratch Cards: Have your guests go through the sorting process with these random scratch cards to find out what house they truly belong in.
  • Lumos Match Strip Favour: These keepsakes are the perfect Harry Potter wedding favour and they come in handy during a power cut!

Harry Potter Themed Wedding Favour Boxes

If you are looking for some fun Harry Potter themed wedding boxes, take a look below. We’ve even thrown in some bags to keep it diverse!

Music Themed Wedding Favours

Who doesn’t love a bit of music at their wedding, some people take it a step further and have their own music themed wedding which I think is amazing. If you’re looking for music themed wedding favour ideas, let’s take a look!

Music Themed Wedding Favour Boxes

If you’re looking for a musical themed wedding then you’re going to need some music themed wedding favour boxes and bags to put your music themed wedding favours into! Take a look at the selection below for some inspiration!

  • Music Favour Boxes: These musical note wedding favour boxes are just the thing to hide all your music themed wedding favours in.
  • Music sheet paper gift boxes: These adorable music sheet wedding favour boxes are perfect for any music themed wedding.

Football Themed Wedding Favours

Some people are obsessed with football and that’s okay. That’s why people have football-themed weddings. However, there aren’t a lot of football-themed wedding favours out there so it can be hard to find something that fits the bill. Take a look at our football-themed wedding favour suggestions below.

  • Football Soccer Ball Bracelet: These are perfect little gifts to go into any football themed wedding favour boxes.
  • Chocolate footballs: If you’re looking to put some chocolate into your football wedding favour boxes, these chocolate footballs are perfect!
  • Football personalised notebook: These little notebooks either make great wedding favours or they’re perfect for the wedding party gift bags!
  • Personalised Football Keyring: There is so much that can be done with these fun personalised football keyrings and they make great football wedding gifts!
  • Football Themed Sweet Pouches: These are perfect if you have children at your football wedding but equally as tasty for adults.
  • Football Pencils & Erasers: Thinking about filling the boxes as much as possible? These football themed pencils do just that.
  • Football lollipops: Who doesn’t love a football themed chocolate lollipop? Add them into your football themed favours bags and people will thank you!

Football Themed Wedding Favour Boxes

Looking for some epic football themed wedding favour boxes? Take a look at the selection below and gain some inspiration.

European Football Championship concept. Wedding couple on the football stadium

Homemade Wedding Favours

If you’re looking to make some amazing homemade wedding favours we have some ideas you’re bound to love. Weddings don’t have to be expensive and we found that out when we had our own. Take a look at these homemade wedding favour ideas.

  • Wedding Scrolls: You can make your own mini wedding favour scrolls and write whatever you want on them to be personalised or not. This is something we did for our wedding and we had a lot of fun doing it.
  • Book Roses: Depending on your skill set you can make roses and other flowers out of books, newspapers and more. You can leave them how they look or spray paint them. They’d also make great centrepieces.

Wedding Favours UK Ideas

If you’re looking for more broad and normal wedding favours then go and take a look at our 30 Wedding Favour Ideas article. You’ll find loads of amazing wedding favour ideas for any themed wedding, it even includes some unique and affordable ideas for any budget!

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The Best Themed Wedding Favour Ideas

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