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Ultimate LGBTQ+ guide for visiting Zakynthos – Is Zante Gay Friendly?

Thinking about visiting Zakynthos as a gay person or couple? We’re here to tell you all about Zante and if it’s gay friendly. After visiting a few times we have some experience in this area. We’ve made some great friends there and it’s a great tourist destination that’s for sure.

On our last holiday to Zante, we took the family with us because it’s that great. Here’s a little information about Zante.

Zakynthos Information

Is Zante Flat?

No, Zakynthos is not flat. Zante is made up predominately of hills and landscapes. Most of the towns are flat enough to walk around without any issues although the rest of Zante may be a challenge if you’re unable to walk long distances or walk up elevated areas.

Is Zante Good for Couples?

Yes, Zante is great for couples. Zakynthos has its own adult only hotels to ensure the best couples retreat on the island. If you’re visiting as a couple without children, stay away from areas that have water parks and stay away from Laganas which is the party central.

Is Zante In Greece Safe

Yes, Zante is a safe island and is made up of many different locations and towns. Laganas is the party area on the town and can be the most dangerous. Tourists should also be careful of Greek scams that plague the island.

Is Zante Gay Friendly?

Zante is gay friendly. Although there aren’t many LGBTQ+ facilities on the island, there is no prejudice towards the community and the majority of Greek locals are warm and welcoming to everyone.

We have now travelled to Zakynthos 4 times and although it’s not known as gay Zante, we’ve never once had any issues with being gay on the island. In fact, we’ve made many friends with shop owners, restaurant staff and even hotel owners who are fully aware that we are a couple and we’ve had no issues.

Louis first proposed in Zante, we even spoke to wedding planners about getting married on the island but decided on a UK wedding instead. Although there might not be gay bars dotted on the island or a Zante gay pride anytime soon, Zakynthos is welcoming to all.

Things To Do In Gay Zante?

There isn’t much to do in Zakynthos which is part of the LGBTQ+ community although there is one place that you can go for some fun or escapism.

Hotlips is an upcoming bar in Zakynthos which has recently started introducing drag acts and karaoke in their lineup. It’s the spot to go to if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community and it’s a lot of fun. The bar has very camp performances and even Lady Gaga impersonators. It is the Zante gay bar.

Due to Zakynthos being so open and welcoming, it means you can be at ease when you visit, you don’t need to worry about any hate being thrown your way and you can enjoy your holiday to it’s fullest. Book trips out, reserve tables in amazing restaurants and find the perfect backdrop for a proposal maybe?

Gay Zante Tips

So, if you’re wondering, is Zakynthos gay friendly? It is, you can have an amazing holiday and not need to worry. If you’re a little anxious about visiting in case anything does happen, avoid Laganas which is the party capital of Zante and stay away from the big drunk crowds.

You can also buy your own Gay Zante merch in shops. They have magnets, hats, sunglasses, rugs and so much more with rainbow print and the word Zante or Zakynthos printed all over them, now that’s inclusivity.

Ultimate LGBTQ+ guide for visiting Zakynthos - Is Zante Gay Friendly

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