30 Wedding Favour Ideas

30 Wedding Favour Ideas

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If you are looking to get married and need to find the best wedding favours that suit you, look no further. When we got married we knew how difficult it was to find unique wedding favours that suited us and it took us quite a while to get the wedding favour boxes packed!

That’s why we decided to put together a list of all the different favours you can get, we even split them up so if you’re looking for something in particular like chocolate wedding favours, you’ll find them below!

Where To Buy Wedding Favours?

If you’re looking for where to buy wedding favours there can be loads of options out there and it can be a struggle picking somewhere to shop. We got all of our wedding favours and wedding favour boxes from Etsy and I would suggest taking a look at Etsy for some unique wedding favours and some amazing personalised wedding favours as well.

Wedding Favour Ideas

Take a look at this long list of wedding favours that you might just fall in love with. You don’t have to find everything amazing, as long as you find one special thing to enjoy on your wedding day and remember, there is such a thing as cheap wedding favours and they still look amazing.

Take a look at our top picks for the best wedding favours below;

  1. Personalised Love Hearts
  2. Personalised Tea Bags
  3. Hot Chocolate Favours

Cheap Wedding Favours

If you’re looking for cheap wedding favours, you came to the right place. In our wedding favour boxes, we had scrolls made from card that we wrote in for each person and then tied up all fancy. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be an amazing wedding favour.

  1. Wedding Bubble Tubes: These wedding favour bubbles are cheap and romantic and they’ll keep your guests busy for hours!
  2. Oak Confetti Keepsake: These keepsakes are the perfect wedding favours, they’re cheap, small for boxes or you can spread them around the tables. You can even have them personalised.
  3. Sweet Gift Tins: These are perfect for people on a budget, you can have them personalised and fill them with any sweets you want, which is normally cheaper than ordering them with sweets.

Personalised Wedding Favours

Personalised wedding favours adds something magical to the day. You could even go a step forward with your entertainment like we did and get a caricature allowing your guests to take away their own drawings! Take a look at some of the best personalised wedding favours below.

  1. Personalised Gin Bottles: We love gin so there’s no surprise these are on the list. They’re perfect adult wedding favours and look super cute.
  2. Personalised Tea Bags: We had personalised wedding tea bags at our own wedding and they went down a storm.
  3. Personalised Love Hearts: Who doesn’t love love hearts? Take a look at these personalised wedding love heart sweets.
  4. Favour Sweet Bags: Fancy something personalised and sweet at your wedding? These wedding favour sweet bags are just the thing!
  5. Personalised Printed Wedding Pens: You can have your own personalised pens made up for your guests to keep, every time they write something they’ll remember how amazing your wedding was!
  6. Mint To Be Wedding Favour Bags: If you’re looking for something quirky and personalised, take a look at these amazing mints and you can have them however you want!
  7. Personalised Wedding SPARKLER Tag: These are amazing if you’re having a winter wedding when it gets dark sooner! Just make sure your wedding venues allows the use of sparklers!
  8. DIY Personalised Wedding Favours: These favour bags are great to go in any favours box. You can fill them up with anything you like, such as coffee beans, sweets and more!

Chocolate Wedding Favours

Who doesn’t want chocolate wedding favours in their boxes? There are a loads of ideas for chocolates at your wedding and we’ll happily show you the best! Take a look at the list below for inspiration.

  1. Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate Hearts: These chocolate love hearts are the perfect wedding favours and they can go with any colour scheme!
  2. Personalised Chocolate Wedding Favours: These square chocolates look and taste amazing. We had some in our wedding favour boxes and they went down a treat!
  3. Wedding Trio Chocolate Boxed: These are stunning and fit perfectly in bigger wedding favour boxes or bags!
  4. Hot Chocolate Favours: Fancy something a little different? Take a look at these hot chocolate tubes, perfect for guests to enjoy and remember your wedding with.
  5. Hot Chocolate Stirrers: Don’t fancy the hot chocolate tubes? Then take a look at these delicious and fancy looking hot chocolate stirrers!

Edible Wedding Favours

If you’re looking for the best edible wedding favours, take a look at the list below and get something tasty in them wedding favour boxes!

  1. Wedding Favour Wrapped Rock Candy Sweets: These stick of rock candy wedding treats are perfect little additions to the wedding boxes!
  2. Sugared Almonds: Sugared almonds are a tradition in some parts of the world and they always feature in wedding favour boxes, will they be in yours?
  3. Personalised Wedding Favour Sweet Bags: These bags are super cute and you can pack them however you want, maybe someone has a favourite sweet? Or fill them with the favourite sweets of the happy couple.

Unique Wedding Favours

Fancy some unique wedding favours? Take a look at the list below for something truly magical and one of a kind and make the day that little more special.

  1. Wedding Favours Pot: It doesn’t get much more unique than this, your wedding guests get their own little pot! If you want to think outside the box, go with this wedding bowl!
  2. Fondant Cake Decorating Stamp: Fancy getting a little more hands-on? Get your own cake stamp dedicated to your wedding and make your own cookies for everyone to enjoy!
  3. Plantable Wedding Favours: Give someone the ultimate wedding favour on your special day and watch everyone talk about the amazing flowers they got!
  4. White Fabric Fan: Have your own fans made and personalised for your guests to keep, unique and handy in the summer!
  5. Tic Tac Toe Wedding Favours: These are unique, fun and keep everyone entertained! You can even have them personalised.
  6. Wedding Soap Favours: These unique little soap favours are the perfect thing to go in favour boxes and be remembered.
  7. Wedding Candle Favours: These cute wedding favours are just the unique thing to get your guests talking!
  8. Magnet Wedding Gifts: These magnets are the perfect thing to have your guests remembering your wedding for years to come and they’re super cute as well!

Child Wedding Favours

If you’re looking for wedding favours for children, look no further. Children can get bored easily so these wedding favours for kids are bound to keep them busy for half an hour at least!

  • Child Wedding Activity Pack: If you want to keep a child busy, give them something to do! These activity books do just that and are quite affordable!
  • Wedding Personalised Book: Want to give them something to do, get them this wedding book, it’s also super cute with the art work and can be personalised.
  • Children’s Wedding Activity Pack: Another activity pack although this one comes with a large variety, can be personalised and has sweets in them!

Wedding Articles

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Wedding Favour Boxes

Take a look at our hand picked selection of wedding favour boxes that you might just love. Remember, if you’re picking a wedding favour box or a wedding favour bag they have to be big enough to fit whatever wedding favours you are putting in them!

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