52 Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

52 Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

Planning the perfect winter wedding means getting the right winter wedding decorations. If you’re looking for the best winter wedding decor I have some amazing suggestions for you. I’m going to break down this post a little and talk about the different winter decor you can use throughout your wedding, instead of just won’t giant, endless winter weddings post.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to make the best winter wonderland wedding, if you’re looking for winter wedding centrepieces or if you just want to plan a festive December wedding. There will be ideas for everyone below but if you think I could talk about another area of the wedding, let me know!

Winter Wedding Decor

Take a look at the winter wedding themes below and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy! A lot of the links below will be on Etsy because I love shopping there and the handmade stuff on there is amazing. You can also get your stuff on Amazon which is great if you’re looking to buy in bulk!

Winter Wedding Table Decor

If you want to make sure your wedding has the winter wedding theme you want, dressing up your tables is key. Take a look at the article 74 Winter Wedding Favour Ideas for more inspiration as you’ll want to put your favours on the table and that will contribute to your table decor.

You can dress up your table however you want, my advice would be to make sure it’s all keeping within the theme. It’s easy to find bits and pieces that you love but might not go together on the table. If you want stunning photos, make sure it’s all within your theme. Create a mood board or just jot down what you want and maybe a colour pallet.

Winter Wedding Placemat Name Ideas:

Winter Wedding Table Decorations:

Winter Wedding Table Numbers:

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Don’t get sucked into having a huge centrepiece! You don’t want to crowd the table and if you have big centrepieces you risk your guests not being able to see each other and you want people to be talking at your wedding. Take a look at the wedding centrepiece options below for your winter wedding centrepieces.

As we had a travel themed wedding we had a nice big jar, filled with sand from the beach and a nice candle on top. We had smaller decorations around the centrepiece as well. It wasn’t huge but it made an impact and went with our theme.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas:

You can also get amazing winter wedding centrepiece ideas from Amazon, which means you’ll get next day delivery and can buy decor items in bulk easier. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can get a 30-day free Amazon Prime Trial and use it for all your wedding needs, just remember to cancel it, put a reminder in your calendar.

Winter Wedding Room Decor

If you want a winter wedding you’re going to want to dress the room as well. Dressing the room is something that a lot of couples forget about when planning their wedding but it’s the little details that count. At our travel themed wedding, we decided to put summer themed photo frames around the venue with pictures of us from our travels and our guests loved them.

Winter Wedding Room Decorations

Winter Wedding SeatingPlan

Winter Wedding Flowers & Bouquets

A winter wedding is so much more than just seating plans and fancy invites. You might want to have some amazing flowers around the venue, to gift to your bridesmaids or just to make the place look a little prettier. If you’re worried about picking the right florist, take a look at these 48 questions to ask a wedding florist article and you’ll soon be able to make an informed choice when you book one.

Take a look at some of the flower suggestions below and maybe save some money when it comes to your wedding florist. There’s a certain art in creating the perfect winter wedding yourself but at the same time, don’t put too much on yourself. We actually got a bouquet off of Etsy when we got married so that it could be thrown into the crowd and we kept our one for the memories.

Extra Winter Wedding Tips

Here are some additional tips for creating a winter wonderland at your wedding:

  • Use a variety of textures in your d├ęcor, such as fur, velvet, and lace.
  • Add pops of colour with berries, cranberries, and pinecones.
  • Use twinkle lights to create a magical atmosphere.
  • Play wintery music in the background.
  • Serve winter-themed food and drinks, such as hot chocolate, mulled wine, and gingerbread cookies.

Creating the perfect winter wedding doesn’t have to be hard work or overly expensive. With these winter wedding decor ideas, you’ll hopefully be able to find anything you need to have the most magical winter wedding possible.

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The Perfect Winter Wedding

Hopefully, this post has helped you plan the most perfect winter wedding possible. There are loads of winter wedding decor ideas in this post so I hope you find something you love. Don’t forget to share this post with any friends or family that might be getting married soon! You can also add it to Pinterest using the pictures below.

52 Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

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