74 Winter Wedding Favour Ideas

74 Winter Wedding Favour Ideas

I love winter weddings, had one myself. One thing had us stumped for a while though and that was winter wedding favours. It took us forever to find any half decent winter wedding favour ideas so I thought I’d write a nice long post with 74 different winter wedding favours ideas to help folks out.

Wedding favours are a great way to give your guests a little something to remember your wedding by. I know a lot of people fill a box up with sweets or chocolate and then by the end of the day, the guests never have anything to take home. Hopefully, with some of these ideas, you won’t have that issue.

Budget Winter Wedding Favours

If you’re looking for cheap winter wedding favours I have some amazing ideas for you. Giving your guests wedding favours doesn’t have to cost the earth and you can get some great winter themed wedding favours in bulk so you can save a lot of money, but that all depends on how many guests you have at your wedding.

We did our wedding fairly cheap to other people so I know how important it is to get budget wedding favours. If you have a December wedding it’s even more important because you also have Christmas to pay for so you don’t want to be worrying about winter wedding favours and what to get people for Christmas at the same time that’s for sure!

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas

Amazon Winter Wedding Favours

You can get some amazing winter themed wedding favours through Amazon. If you have an Amazon prime account you can also get next day delivery. If you don’t have amazon prime you can get a 30-day free Amazon Prime trial and get all the wedding stuff you need and then cancel your trial afterwards.

  1. Hot chocolate bombs
  2. Snow globes
  3. Ornaments
  4. Jars of homemade jam or honey
  5. Gift certificates to local businesses
  6. Donations to a charity in your guests’ names
  7. Plants
  8. Gift baskets filled with winter treats
  9. Personalised candles
  10. Keepsake boxes
  11. Handmade gifts
  12. Blankets
  13. Slippers
  14. Coffee mugs
  15. Teacups
  16. Hot water bottles
  17. Umbrellas
  18. Scarves
  19. Hats
  20. Gloves
  21. Socks
  22. Lip balm
  23. Hand cream
  24. Nail polish
  25. Lotion
  26. Salt scrub
  27. Sugar scrub
  28. Personalised soap
  29. Jewellery
  30. Tote bags
  31. Water bottles
  32. Backpacks
  33. Fleece blankets
  34. Teddy bears
  35. Pillows
  36. Throws
  37. Decorative items
  38. Gift cards

Etsy Winter Wedding Favours

You can also find amazing handmade pieces through Etsy, these handmade personalised winter wedding favours are super cute, and affordable and will make your winter wedding one of the best! We actually got personalised tea bags for our wedding favours, they were super cute and I know loads of our guests have kept them and not used them so it’s a nice little momentum of the day.

Here are some of my favourites.

Winter Wedding Childrens Favours & Activities

So I know not everyone has children at their wedding, we only invited a couple and it’s everyone’s own personal preference. Creating a magical winter wedding can be done however you like but if you are inviting children it might be a good idea to get some winter wedding child favours to keep them entertained and quiet?

Take a look at the list below for some amazing children’s wedding favour ideas and hopefully ease some of the stress around that part of the wedding planning!

Winter Wedding Favour Boxes & Bags

When picking the perfect winter wedding favours you also want to make sure you have something amazing to display them in. I’ve found some of the best winter wedding favour boxes and winter wedding favour bags on the internet and hopefully, you’ll have some great options to pick from.

It doesn’t matter if you have a December wedding or just a winter themed wedding you can still display your favours in some amazing keepsakes. Just take a look at my suggestions below and let me know if you pick any!

Winter Wedding Favour Boxes

Winter Wedding Favour Bags

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Winter Wedding Favours UK

Hopefully, these winter wedding favour ideas have helped and hope you’ve found the best way to package them up to your friends and family. I always think the wedding favours on the meal tables look amazing, they should go with the centre pieces that you’ve picked and it’s a little something for your guests to enjoy even though they really should just be focused on you!

It doesn’t matter if you have a winter themed wedding or if you just have a December wedding. These favours are perfect for all types of weddings in the winter. I’d love to know if any of these favours took your fancy and if you know someone getting married in winter, send them this post!

You can also add it to Pinterest so you have it all in one place. I know Pinterest is amazing for wedding suggestions! Don’t forget to check out the other wedding posts and I hope you or your loved one has an amazing wedding!

Winter Themed Wedding Pinterest Pictures

74 Winter Wedding Favour Ideas

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